Winning With Emojis

I’ve been writing a lot about winning techniques in Clash Royale here, but this time I want to write a little but about the emojis and how they can help you to play around with your opponent a little bit. Of course, this doesn’t work all the time, but often enough I have the feeling that this helps – the good part is you can do it without a problem.

Distract Your Opponent

I don’t mean that you should spam amojis the whole battle – chances are high that your opponent will just mute you and it’s over. Also, this is more distracting yourself than your opponent.

Here’s what i like to do.

Quick Start Distraction

I often start my battle off with a quick start – I like doing this because opponents are often so focused on playing their first card that they often have a hard time dealing counter attacks immediately.

Every blink of an eye can decide and get you more damage on your opponents tower.

When you have a deck that works with fast starts (like Hog Rider, Royal Giant etc.), you can start immediately and you also should.

I often send a “Good Luck” and “Thumbs Up” emoji and the directly deploy my Royal Giant or Hog Rider. Sometimes the opponent is nice enough to say thanks or also send you a nice emoji and while he does that you deploy your card.clash royale emoji with fast battle start

You don’t know how often this works or if your opponent is even responding, but sending the emoji is not costing you any moment.

If your opponent replies, he will focus on a different part of his screen and won’t see your first card in the first moment.

Read It!
Start The Battle - First Moves

The Fake “Well-Played” Emoji

I like to use this when my opponent gets some damage done on my tower but did not do that great move.

I encourage him and give him the feeling that I’m a nice guy. This gives him the feeling that I’m impressed by a regular move and he tends to think I’m not that good player in total.

This works better in Arenas lower than Royal Arena, but I sometimes have the feeling that it might help.well played emoji in clash royale

You can measure it, but when somebody does that on me I’m like “Yeah, it wasn’t that well of a move from my, but ok if that impresses you…” and feel like there is somebody in front of me that I can easily outplay.

Psychologic aspects are more powerful than you think.


Bottom line, I’m often nice with emojis especially at the end of a game (also when I lose) and often see people doing the same. There’s nothing worst than disrespecting your opponent, because when you have no respect for your opponent you don’t take him serious.

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