Win The Heal Draft Challenge

The Heal Spell is the next new card that will get released on May 2nd, but you can also unlock it in the Heal Draft Challenge that starts on April 28th!

The Heal Spell Draft Challenge is a one-time special event on the weekend, and there will be one free entry ticket for everyone!

win the heal spell draft challenge in clash royale

How The Heal Spell Draft Challenge Works

You can start the Challenge as often as you like and unlock one-time rewards in it. The first entry will be for free, after that you’ll have to pay 100 Gems per entry.

all about the heal draft challenge in clash royale

You will also be able to unlock several one-time rewards during the challenge:

  • 2,500 Gold at 4 wins
  • 10 Heal Spell Cards (initial unlock!) at 6 wins
  • 1 Giant Chest at 8 wins
  • 25,000 Gold at 10 wins
  • 100 Heal Spell Cards at 12 wins

In addition you will also get your regular Tournament Chest!

You see that you only need 6 wins to unlock the Heal Spell

unlock the heal spell in clash royale

If you know the Draft Challenge, you know that you will choose between 2 cards 4 times and your opponent does the same as well – so you will build half of your own deck and the other part is built by your opponent.

One of you, chosen randomly, will be able to pick between the Heal Spell and another card – this means one of you will have the Heal Spell and the other won’t!

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How To Play The Heal Spell

First of all, the Heal Spell is a completely new kind of card in Clash Royale as it will heal troops up (and won’t deal damage or buff anything), so it will change a lot of approaches.

If you are not able to pick the Heal Spell yourself, you can be sure that your opponent picked it for himself, but I will give you some tips on selection below.

The Heal Spell performs extremely well along with cards:

  • Barely survive something like Zap as they can get healed back up

So you need to know how you can play the Heal Spell properly (in case you can take it) or know how to counter it in case your opponent gets the Heal Spell!

heal spell stats in clash royale

As you can see the Heal Spells heals up more than 500 hitpoints within only 3 seconds – and this will give pretty much all troops a second life!

It’s a great combination with:

  • Balloon (getting extra hits in)
  • Goblin Barrel (can easily deal more than a thousand damage with only a few hard counter available and since it’s a Draft Challenge unlikely that your opponent has it)
  • Sparky (extremely like that Sparky will get an extra shot in with the additional life)
  • Royal Giant (the longer this guy is alive the more damage he deals directly)
  • Inferno Dragon (along with Inferno Dragon the Heal Spell makes a deadly combo – probably a new meta in the future!!!)
  • Lava Hound (the Lava Pups are NOT one-shot under tournament standards so they can deal massive extra damage)
  • Three Musketeers (don’t fear the Fireball again!)
  • Barbarians & Elite Barbarians

This all for 3 Elixir, so I think you can see that the Heal Spell adds a lot of dangerous value to pretty much all decks out there and your opponent is also likely to have one of the above cards to combine them with the Heal Spell!

inferno dragon with heal spell gameplay in clash royale

Playing it along with your pushes should be something that I don’t need to write much more about, simply heal your strong win conditions up.

The more critical part in winning the Heal Challenge will be the part where you have to defend against the Heal Spell!

We can assume that you will play against the Heal Spell in half of your matches and you have to know how to take the Heal Spell out.

Countering The Heal Spell

It’s always hard to counter when you get random cards, but when you didn’t choose the Heal Spell you need to be prepared!

  • Don’t rely 100% on Zap, Fireball, Arrows unless they kill target units
  • Always be super-cautious when your opponent gets a strong win condition card (like the above mentioned) on the battleground
  • Tank combinations with support cards are also a hard thing to come by

I really recommend you to be more conservative with your Elixir management and have some extra Elixir in hand when you know that your opponent has the Heal Spell in his card rotation.

Try also kite away troops when you can. The Heal Spell doesn’t have a very large radius, and you don’t want many units to get the healing effect on.

defending tank pushes in clash royale

Best Deck Choices & Cards for the Heal Draft Challenge

Winning the Draft Challenge is not that hard, simply because everyone gets weird decks with little balance – it’s primarily about handling situations.

I would say that 30% is choosing the right cards for you (or your opponent) and the rest is just about knowing how to counter your opponent with the cards you have.

I often see people doing the same mistake when choosing their cards, here are the things you have to prevent at any cost:

  1. Don’t choose the cards you like most, choose the ones for your opponent!
  2. Never give your opponent nice counters or good combos

One simple example, when I choose the Barbarians, I don’t want my opponent to get a Fireball or the Fire Spirits since he can counter me for a positive Elixir trade all the time.

draft challenge choose cards right

There are many situations where you need to make decisions like that, so I wrote them all up in my guide about the general Draft Challenge here:

Read It!
Win the Draft Challenge

Regarding the Heal Spell Challenge, I recommend you to take strong synergy cards that will benefit the Heal Spell! The reason is simple:

  1. They will work great if you’re able to choose the Heal Spell yourself
  2. If your opponent gets to choose the Heal Spell, you will not give him a strong win condition synergy

Practically, try always to choose these cards yourself:

  • Inferno Dragon
  • Three Musketeers
  • Royal Giant
  • Barbarians & Elite Barbarians
  • Balloons
  • Lava Hound
  • Goblin Barrel


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