Win The Epic Challenge

A new challenge is starting soon in Clash Royale and it’s called the Epic Challenge. You will be able to win some extra Epic Cards during this challenge, but you’re allowed to use all cards available in the game.

The Epic Challenge will be available from April 14th until April 17th 2017

About the Epic Challenge

The Epic Challenge will give you 1 Free Entry Ticket at after that, it will cost you 10 Gems – the rewards you can unlock are the same like the Classic Challenge offers, but it will end after 9 wins and add some extra epics in the way there!

the epic challenge in clash royale


You’ll be able to unlock:

  • 3 Epic Cards at 3 wins
  • 6 Epic Cards at 6 wins
  • 9 Epic Cards at 9 wins

Remember, you will still get your Challenge Chest, but you can also pick up 18 additional Epic Cards on the way there.

how to win the epic challenge in clash royale

Winning 9 challenge battles is not that hard and it will net you a big rewards if you do.

Attention: You can only onlock each reward once, but you can have mulitple tries to unlock it

Epic Challenge Strategies & Decks

Playing this Challenge is like playing a Classic Challenge or Grande Challenge – you have all your cards in your deck available and you are not forced to use epics only.

The only difference is that the challenge ends at 9 wins instead of 12 wins.

An important tip, before we get to the strategy, is to start playing it as early as possible! With the free entry, the opponents you will get are extremely easy to beat in the beginning because many people just start it.

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Strategies for Challenges

Playing challenges is always different that playing matches in the leaderboard and you will need to adapt your battle plan accordingly.

  • Focus on defense in the first 2 minutes & make your move in the last minute & the 3 minutes overtime
  • Cycle Decks are not as strong in challenges

I have written a full detailed guide on how you manage to win challenges here, please check it out:

Read It!
12 Win Challenge Decks & Strategy Guide

Decks for the Epic Challenge

Again, I really recommend you to read the guide linked above about winning challenges, but if you only search for a deck to use, here are the decks that I like to play in challenges:

pekka deck for challenges

This deck is primarily designed to counter push as soon as you have your PEKKA up and then you can support with Executioner and Battle Ram.

The Tornado is a nice option to drag together units and take them out with the Executioner.

12 wins challenge deck with golem

Always plant the Elixir Collector in the back and start building a strong push with your Golem in the back of your Kings Tower.

If you see that your opponent has the Miner or Fireball, you should stop using the Elixir Collector until double Elixir time since this won’t be a positive Elixir investment for you.

Use the Lightning Spell when your opponent has a defense like Inferno Tower, Tombstone or Cannon to not get your Golem distracted.

lava hound free 2 play deck baby dragon

You can always send in your Baby Dragon along with the Mega Minion after the Lava Hound crossed the bridge – this is almost impossible to defend properly sinece his units will target the Lava Hound and get taken down by your Baby Dragon and Mega Minion.


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