Win the Double Elixir Draft Challenge

The Double Elixir Draft Challenge is one of the craziest challenges ever in Clash Royale, combining the unpredictable Draft Challenge elements when choosing your and your opponents cards plus playing in Double Elixir Time the whole time in the match – and to make this even crazier, it will reward you tons of Gold!

Available in Friendly Battles: May 11th – 15th

Available in Challenges: May 12th – 15th

Remember, you’ll get 1 Free Entry for the Double Elixir Draft Challenge, so do not miss that!

free entry double elixir draft challenge

About The Double Elixir Draft Challenge

You will be choosing between 2 cards, so one of these choices will go to your deck, the other card will go to your opponent’s deck – you do this 4 times and your opponent do that 4 times and then the battle starts.

After that, you will start the match and see Elixir regenerating twice as fast as normal.

Prizes for this challenge are crazy and you can win up to 550 Cards plus 136,000 Gold. No typo, it’s really that much!

extra gold rewards for double elixir draft challenge

Most of the Gold is within the one-time rewards you can unlock at several wins:

  • 2 wins: 4,000 Gold
  • 5 wins: 8,000 Gold
  • 8 wins: 16,000 Gold
  • 10 wins: 32,000 Gold
  • 12 wins: 64,000 Gold

These are one-time rewards, so when you unlocked them and play the challenge again you’ll only be able to get those that you haven’t unlocked yet.

double elixir draft challenge rewards in clash royale

Along with the free entry, you should be able to get at least 12,000 Gold for free 🙂

Winning Strategies for the Double Elixir Draft Challenge

Now let’s talk some strategy. The whole challenge is pretty unpredictable because you have to play with the cards you choose and the ones you get, so the biggest part of your strategy happens when choosing your cards!

Choosing Your Cards

When picking cards, always keep in mind:

  1. Never give your opponent a hard counter (e.g. you have Graveyard so don’t give him the Poison Spell; you have Barbarians so don’t give him the Fireball etc.)
  2. Never give him good synergies! (s. picture below)
  3. Expensive Cards are extremely valuable due to double Elixir (try not to give your opponent cards like Three Musketeers, PEKKA, etc.)

draft challenge choices

In the end, you can’t control what cards you can choose from or what your opponent has chosen for himself – sometimes you might end up with a weird deck without any win condition and you have to try to defend at your best.

But always remember, your opponent can also be in that situation 🙂

I can also recommend you to take a look at this guide here that I wrote about choosing cards in the Draft Challenge:

Read It!
Win the Draft Challenge

Double Elixir Battle Tips

Now let’s talk about the battle.

Having a whole match in double Elixir Time brings a lot of changes to the whole game mechanic, it’s not just twice as fast!

DEFENDING IS KEY! Yes, you will have to be able to defend because there will be lots of strong pushes that can break through to your King’s Tower and make you lose very fast. Rushing full time against your opponent and see who can take down the King’s Tower faster might sound like fun, but it won’t get you many victories at all.

Attention! Be prepared to a fast starting push from your opponent. If you have bad starting cards that won’t let you defend, play them to cycle in some defensive cards. A first push can decide the game and you don’t want to lose the match within the first seconds!

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I also said that you should try to choose the strong expensive cards if you have the possibility, so also be sure to play them right.

That means, build strong pushes instead of spamming troops all the time (I know it’s tempting with that much Elixir to do it, but it won’t help). You want to build up a push that your opponent can’t defend.

  • Play Your PEKKA in the back
  • Split your Three Musketeers

split three musketeers


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