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Win The Clan Battle Event (May 5th-8th)

Clan Battles are fighting 2v2 along with a clan mamber against 2 opponents and we’re able to use it every other week – on the Clan Battle Event. In this guide, I want to show you what you have to know about Clan Battles when you battle 2v2 along with a clan member, what decks you should use and some other advice that will help you to win the Clan Battle Challenge this weekend.

Next Clan Battle Event: May 5th-8th

About The Clan Battle Event

Every other week, like this weekend, the Clan Battle Event takes over the regular Clan Chest Event – this means only 2v2 Clan Battle matches are taken into account of the Clan Battle Chest.

clan battle chest event

The Clan Battle Chest work exactly the same like the regular Clan Chest. The only difference is, that you only need 275 Crowns from Clan Battles instead of the 1,500 the regular Clan Chest requires for Tier 10.

Here are the rewards at a glance:

Chest Tier Wins to unlock the next Tier Gold Cards
1 5 108 18
2 10 228 38
3 15 360 60
4 20 504 84
5 25 660 110
6 30 828 138
7 35 1,008 168
8 40 1,200 200
9 45 1,404 234
10 50 1,620 270
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Clan Battle in general

This new game mode is completely different from the regular game mode and you have to adapt to it.

Every one of you will play his own deck and have his own Elixir Bar, so you’re not playing with a “shared” Elixir Bar. The Elixir production, however, is only 70% of the regular production (and 85% in double Elixir mode) to prevent just a chaotic spamming of troops.

I think you see that working together is the key as you just won’t have the Elixir on your own to make strong pushes while defending at the same time.

Communication in Clan Battles

You will always see when your friend is about to drop a troop off, that’s already a valuable information – you see that when a card icon is appearing on the map:

clan battle see other cards getting dropped

Now you can also see what cards your partner is able to play by clicking on his name right on top of your bar:

see friends cards in clan battle in clash royale

You can see what he is able to play and then you can decide to make the move or not – by dragging your card on the map you will show him that you#re about to make the move.

I know that many now think that you will need to communicate through 3rd party communication in order to dominate, but that’s not true. The game is still fast paced so you won’t have the time to communicate. Imagine a fast attempt of Elite Barbarians is coming over and you start discussion who is defending – BOOM! too late, your Tower is down.

The Clan Battle Arena

The Arena for 2v2 Clan Battle is a little bit different from the regular Arena, but these differences changes a lot in the game:

  • The size is exactly the same, but the area behind the Kings Tower is larger (more time to build for big pushes)
  • The King Tower has double the firepower but the exact same hitpoints as normal

This means that area effects and splash damage is more powerful – there will be more units on the battlefield to gain advantage or suffer splash damage

team battles in clash royale


You can expect some weird battles and just forget most of what you know about battle dynmics from regular matches.

Tons of spawners, Mass spells and Rickets against Tower and other things like that will happen, but if you and your clan mate stay calm you will make a lot of victories.

Here are some things you should do:

  • Defending is a lot more important than attacking – your Towers will need to deal with more units and go down faster
  • Don’t try to build large pushes, a tank in the back will be enough and then add cards if needed later
  • Don’t over-commit on one lane – you have two people on the other side waiting to punish you for doing that
  • Fast paced pushes are much more often getting countered, so don’t play a deck relying on them (Elite Barbarians, Hog Rider etc.)
  • 1 Defense & 1 Spawner per person is enough! You don’t have that much more space in the 2v2 Arena anyways

In the next part, I will show you some decks and cards you should use.

Decks for Clan Battle Challenge

To be honest, I can’t present you 2 decks that both of you should set – it’s already hard enough in 1v1 matches to come up with solid decks that cover anything, but 2v2 makes it mathematically impossible.

Most regular decks try to be balanced, having a win condition and counters to all other possibilities – in 2v2 Clan Battles, this isn’t that important anymore, your decks don’t need to be that well-balanced because you will always have some hard counters.

Here are the Cards I recommend you to use:

  • Splash damage!
  • Ranged attack!
  • Spells with area effect!

Here are now some final decks that I will be playing in the 2v2 Clan Battles:

2v2 clan battles decks

But there are also other combinations that I see having an advantage.

Here is a good combination pattern you should use:

clan battle best deck

You can choose the cards you like – their level doesn’t matter as the Cards will all get set back to Tournament Standards, so don’t fear seing a lot of over-leveled Cards.

Now, why did I choose these Cards? Well, I think the best option you can have is having the Cards with high synergy effects.

Here are the FAQ regarding the cards I don’t recommend:

  • PEKKA, Golem, Lava Hound… there are too many possibilities that your opponents will have something at hand to counter them, then your burnt a lot of Elixir and this is even more precious than in normal battles
  • Barbarians, Minion Horde… There will be a lot of spells around and they are too vulnerable against them to make up for their high Elixir costs
  • Elite Barbarians, Graveyard, Inferno Dragon, Sparky, Giant Skeleton… too many counter possibilities with 2 opponents
  • Goblins, Goblin Gang, Minions, Skeleton Army… same reason, too many spells out there


You will be matched against a lot of players that don’t know what they’re doing and simply transform their 1-2-3 game from regular matches to Clan Battles instead of adapting – after a couple of matches you will see it’s quite easy to get the 275 wins for the Clan Battle Chest 🙂


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  1. Hi guys nowadays I see a ton of 4 gobarriel clone at the KING TOWER for a 4 second three-crown. My teammate doesn’t think that’s much of a big deal and got a bb drag for def only. He regretted is I logged after they dealt some nice heavy damage.
    Also the rocket cycle and spam spirits is what I see too. Quad miner and pekka.
    Securing 1 crown is enough.

  2. Hi guys nowadays I see a ton of 4 gobarriel clone at the KING TOWER for a 4 second three-crown. My teammate doesn’t think that’s much of a big deal and got a bb drag for def only. He regretted is I logged after they dealt some nice heavy damage.
    Also the rocket cycle and spam spirits is what I see too. Quad miner and pekka.

  3. Hey Timmy,

    My clan had some qs to ask 1st is Do u think its good idea that my team member brings in all spells / common cards and i bring in tanks , rare etc or its best we even it out .? 2nd Also is it good idea if we both have the same deck as if were mirroring one another?

    • splitting up deck (he spells, you tanks) is not a good strategy as you have the single point of failure problem. You depend too much that your partner is having Elixir and drops the card in the right moment and each one on your own is not able to make a move at all.
      If you both have the same deck that shouldn’t be that big of a problem, as long as each of you are able to hard counter most of the cards available

  4. MY clan battle doesnt work what should I do.

    Every time i click on the clan button, everything becomes gray and it says I cant join.
    I’ve tried deleting the game 4 times.
    If supercell sees this plz help
    Username: Sahdude1234
    Clan is: Nova L Jumbo

    • this was a bug yesterday due to high amount of clan battles fought – supercell added more server power and then it worked again

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