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Win The Bandit Draft Challenge

how to win bandit draft challenge in clash royale

The Bandit is the next new Legendary Card that will get released on March 24th, but you can also unlock her in the Bandit Draft Challenge that starts on March 17th!

The Bandit Draft Challenge is a one-time special event on the weekend, and there will be one free entry ticket for everyone!

new card march update clash royale win the bandit


How The Bandit Draft Challenge Works

You can start the Challenge as often as you like and unlock one-time rewards in it. The first entry will be for free, after that you’ll have to pay 100 Gems per entry.

win the bandit draft challenge rewards


They just changed the rewards and added one single free entry (before it always costs 100 Gem but you can get 100 Gems back like shown in the picture above)

free entry for the bandit challenge

If you know the Draft Challenge, you know that you will choose between 2 cards 4 times and your opponent does the same as well – so you will build half of your own deck and the other part is built by your opponent.

One of you, chosen randomly, will be able to pick between the Bandit and another card – this means one of you will have the Bandit and the other won’t!

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12 wins in bandit draft challenge

How To Play The Bandit

The Bandit is a new Card and this is one advantage you have. If you can take the Bandit, I encourage you to do it!

  • Your opponent very likely don’t know how to play the Bandit if he gets her
  • Your opponent most likely don’t know how to counter the Bandit properly

So you need to know how you can play the Bandit (in case you can take her) or know how to counter her in case your opponent gets the Bandit!

The Bandit has a fair amount if hitpoints, deals some nice damage to a single target and has a charging effect that makes her invincible for the time of moving charged! Yes, she won’t take any damage while moving around charged!

clash royale bandit stats

She is perfect to counter single troops or move fast towards the Arena Tower of your opponent. Don’t play her against groups of smaller hitpoint troops like Goblins etc.

Always try to counter her by either deploying something next to here, so she can’t use her Dash ability or with groups like Skeletons, Goblins etc.

Make sure to check out my guide about playing the Bandit here:

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Best Deck Choices & Cards for the Bandit Draft Challenge

Winning the Draft Challenge is not that hard, simply because everyone gets weird decks with little balance – it’s primarily about handling situations.

I would say that 30% is choosing the right cards for you (or your opponent) and the rest is just about knowing how to counter your opponent with the cards you have.

I often see people doing the same mistake when choosing their cards, here are the things you have to prevent at any cost:

  1. Don’t choose the cards you like most, choose the ones for your opponent!
  2. Never give your opponent nice counters or good combos

One simple example, when I choose the Barbarians, I don’t want my opponent to get a Fireball or the Fire Spirits since he can counter me for a positive Elixir trade all the time.

draft challenge choose cards right

There are many situations where you need to make decisions like that, so I wrote them all up in my guide about the general Draft Challenge here:

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Here’s, by the way, an interesting guide how streaks will make an influence on the strength of your opponents:

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