Win The Retro Royale Challenge

A new challenge mode is starting and it’s called Retro Royale. All cards available in this challenge are the cards that were available when the game was released in March 2016, so I want to give you some advises how to win it and what deck you should use (including how to counter a deck that will be played a lot).

The Retro Royale Challenge will be available from March 30th until April 2nd 2017

About the Retro Royale Challenge

The Retro Royale Challenge will give you 1 Free Entry Ticket at after that, it will cost you 10 Gems – the rewards you can unlock are smaller like the Classic Challenge, but the one-time rewards are a lot higher!

retro royale challenge in clash royale

You’ll be able to unlock:

  • 10 Free Gems
  • Silver Chest at 2 win
  • Golden Chest at 3 wins
  • Magical Chest at 5 wins
  • 3,000 Gold at 6 wins

Winning 6 challenge battles is not that hard and it will net you a big rewards if you do – with the 10 free Gems at 2 wins unlocked, you have basically 2 tries for free!

Attention: You can only onlock each reward once, but you can have mulitple tries to unlock it

Retro Royale Strategies & Decks

Winning this shouldn’t be that complicated since the cards to use are well-balanced and you don’t have to expect a lot of different combinations.

Here are the cards you are allowed to use to build your Retro Royale Challenge Deck:

retro royale available cards

Even if the Challenge says “like back in the days”, you don’t have to expect they unrolled all the balance changes and Elixir Costs we’ve seen in the previous year! The cards are at the same conditions like we know them today in the Arena!

Also, there are no Legendary Cards available 🙂

The Jason Deck

The Jason Deck used to be the most-known in the game for a while after Jason won the first official Clash Royale tournament with it.

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The Jason Deck

The deck did also start the whole Cycle Deck strategy with his deck.

I know many are tempting to play this deck in Retro Royale, but I don’t recommend that since the Elixir Collector now costs more Elixir and is a less viable option in the game


Before we talk about decks you can use to play, you have to make sure that you’re able to defend!

With the cards available, I can promise you that you will see a ton of:

  • Hog Riders
  • Giants / Golem
  • Barbarians
  • Minion Horde
  • Spawners
  • Goblin Barrel (there’s no Log and Zap at tournament standards can’t take the Goblins out!)

Defending will be a lot easier with the cards that are available for Retro Royale, so I can recommend you to use a Wizard and a defense in any deck.

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Retro Royale Challenge Decks

I came up with this deck here that will help me perfectly defend against the popular approaches and then counter push.

retro royale battle deck for the challenge

Here are what the cards are for:

Inferno Tower: Never a bad Elixir trade with the cards available. It will shut down Hog, Golem, Giant, PEKKA, Balloon and Prince. I can always support with the Musketeer or Archers in case a push gets harder.

Arrows: I didn’t use the Zap, since it won’t counter Minion Horde or Goblin Barrel at tournament standards.

Wizard: Perfect to counter spawner decks and groups like Barbarians, Skeleton Army or Minion Horde. I can then deploy the Hog Rider with the Wizard in the back for great and fast counter pushing.

Knight: This will be my tank. I don’t want to use the Giant or the Golem, as they are more expensive and I heavily see Inferno Tower (or other defenses) along with Barbarians or Minion Horde being played. He also has the same movement speed as the WIzard, so they make a great combination (as well as with the Musketeer).

Archers: They are a great support defensively and can#t get shut down by Zap. They will help against the Hog Rider and useful for kiting things like Giant Skeleton, Prince, PEKKA or Mini PEKKA.

Fireball: This will be my support in case my opponent counters my Hog with the Tombstone or against the Elixir Collector. When my opponent knows I will fireball the Elixir Collector, he can’t play it as a positive Elixir invest and I will always also get chip damage on his Tower when he plays the Elixir Collector.

Possible variations:

  • You can also use the Freeze Spell instead of the Fireball for a Hog Freeze push. Simply play the Freeze Spell on the area in front of the Arena Tower so the Arena Tower is also frozen shortly before your Hog Rider arrives
  • Cannon or Tombstone instead of Inferno Tower if you are good at kiting and splitting pushes. It’s more risky, but if you have solid skills you can get a lower average Elixir cost


Unlocking all rewards in this challenge is a must-have for any player out there – getting 6 wins will rewards you with 3 free Chests (including a Magical Chest) plus the 3,000 Gold and can be done easily.

In addition, I can really recommend you reading my guide on how to win challenges, where I also wrote a lot about mindset:

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12 Win Challenge Decks & Strategy Guide


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  1. This deck is okay, try a Golem, Wiz, Valk, Musket, Skelearmy, Fireball, Arrows, Zap. (Tesla or Inferno Tower can replace Skelearmy)

    • I’ve been also switching the Goblin Barrel in instead of the Hog Rider – along with predictive Fireball this can deal a thousand damage to a tower for only 7 Elixir 🙂

  2. I will use my original deck that I still u today hog rider, freeze, fireball, arrows, giant skeleton, inferno tower, minion hoarde, and skeleton army I used it all the way to the the original legendary arena

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