Win More Challenges in Clash Royale

Challnges are an exiting way to get additional Gold and Cards for a fairly small amount of Gems – you can sign up for a challenge and start playing until you either won 12 matches or lost 3. The reward you get depends how much you have won and the price you get always rises when you win a match. In this post, I’d like to show you some ways to have more success in challenges in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Challenges

First of all, there are two challenges – the Classic Challenge for 10 Gems and the Grand Challenge for 100 Gems entry fee.

Both use the same matchmaking and the opponents in both challenges are the same – only because you play the Grand Challenge doesn’t mean you will get harder opponents!

The only difference is the price you can get and of course, the price for the 100 Gem Grand Challenge is way higher than the one you can win for a Classic Challenge.

clash royale win more challenges

Clash Royale Challenge Matchmaking

With that being said, I’d like to show you some things regarding the matchmaking algorithm. Unfortunately the algorithm isn’t public available, but here’s how it works.

On one side, you have the basic ranking factors for your account – that’s your Level, Cards and the highest trophy count you have (yes, your current trophy count doesn’t count at all).

The thing is that the challenges always get harder the more you win – so there matchmaking is simply following your wins and losses in the challenges.

  • You start off at 0
  • If you win a match in a challenge, you will get +1
  • If you lose a match you get -1

Pretty easy, right? So, the higher this count goes, the harder your opponent get because you will get matched up not only against similar accounts, but also on these who have the same win balance!

Getting Better matchups in Challenges

Now the interesting part is, that this score you have is calculated globally and not only within a single challenge.

Here are ways how you can get an easy Grand Challenge matchup:

  1. Do a Classic Challenge and play it normal until you lost the first time
  2. Lose the next 2 times on purpose
  3. You get a price and also have a new score of -3
  4. Start a new Classic Challenge and lose the first 3 matches (DON’T win any in this 2nd Classic Challenge)
  5. Now your score is -6
  6. Start a Grand Challenge and see 4-5 ridiculous bad opponents in the first matches

Of course, this only work most of the time – other players also use this technique or maybe got beaten on their last matches. In general this technique works and only costs you 20 more Gems to get much more from a Grand Challenge.

Attention! I think this will change soon as this makes the matchmaking useless as long as palyers spend some additional gems on the extra Classic Challenges. On the other hand, Supercell does make some extra profit from it so it’s hard to tell when they will address this issue. I will write here when something changes

Challenge Performance Improvements

Besides the matchmaking, I’d like to give you some more advices when you play a Challenge. You will always have to do your best game and need 100% of your performance to win all the matches:

  • Only play when you have a calm environment and you can concentrate
  • Be on focus! If you are watching TV while playing, you won’t be able to focus
  • Never hit the next match when you just lost a match! Watch the replay and see where you have been doing a mistake – then take at least 5 minutes off.

More tips on mindset are found here:

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I also have some nice tactical videos here I highly recommend you:





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