Win & Find Tournaments in Clash Royale

Playing Tournaments in Clash Royale is a great way to win additional prizes for free, since it’s free to join a tournament. The only hard part is, that you need to know the tournament or that it needs to be hosted by either one of your clan members or a friend – you’re not able to see all available tournaments.

That’s why many Clashers out there forgot about the tournaments, but there are plenty of options to find and join them with only a little time needed for great extra prizes 🙂

In this guide, I will show you how you can find public tournaments easily and also how you can succeed in tournaments easily.

Find Clash Royale Tournaments Easily

Since end of 2016, we’re not able to see public tournaments anymore, except you know the name or  it’s hosted by one of your friends or clan members.

Luckily, there’s a simple trick how you can still join them without spending a lot of time.

Wildcard Search Tournaments

One thing I constantly do is searching for tournaments using simple letters or phrases – you don’t need to know the exact name, it’s enough if you search for a phrase inside the tournament name.

It often only takes like 4-5 searches and you’ll find one that is open. I normally do that a couple of times when I’m online.

Phrases that work great:

  • single letters like “a”, “e” etc.
  • words like “the”
  • numbers like “1”
  • special characters like “!”, “$” etc.

Check it here, I was only searching “a”, “b” and “the” and I already found a public tournament I was able to join.

join clash royale tournaments for free

Easy, right? It got me 2 searches to find a tournament with open spots 🙂

I know many of you don’t do that simply because tournaments are not popular at all, but still a great way to win extra prizes easily.

Daily Tournaments

Several bigger content creators (Streamers, Youtubers, etc.) host tournaments either one a regular base or from time to time.

The thing is that you will need to join their tournaments almost immediately when they get announced – often times they are full within less than 1 minute.

Many of them have tens of thousands of followers and tournaments only have a very limited space, so I think you can calculate the chances to get in.

Following them for the sake of playing in their tournaments is something that never had worked very good for me personally (but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, also because I live in central Europe and many of them host their tournaments in other time zones, most of the times in the US time zones).

How To Join Them Faster

If you see someone hosting a tournament on Twitter etc., you have to be fast!

Now I have not been getting good experiences from trying to use the tournament tag, I always start typing the name of the tournament into the search field.

Always start with the beginning of the tournament name and you should be quick enough to get a spot. This prevents you from switching apps back and forth.

Also try to remember the password without looking back.

Strategy & Decks to Win Tournaments in Clash Royale

So we got now covered how you can find and join tournaments easily, but how about winning? The better you perform in the tournament, the higher your reward is.

Tournaments work in the same way as regular ladder battles, you will get trophies for each victory and they are summed up – your tournament placement is based on how many trophies you have gathered within this tournament.

win tournaments in clash royale

The strategy to use is very similar to the one you’re having in the leaderboard.

There’s no limit on how many matches you are allowed to play – all that counts is the total Tournament Trophies you will gather through the time the tournament is running.

get tournament trophies in clash royale

In general, you should adapt your gameplan to:

  • Play defensively in the beginning (and try to get some good positive Elixir Trades)
  • Build counter pushes and don’t openly push yourself

This helps me a lot, as I’m able to often get one Arena Tower and then defend or push for the second Tower – a great position for me as my opponent has to make a move now and I can stop him and punish his mistakes right away.

I prefer to play decks that give me huge defensive possibilities and turn into strong counter pushes:

lumberjack deck with elite barbarians executioner deck with pekka in clash royale giant graveyard deck

As you can see, all decks feature cards that I can also use defensively and when I made some good Elixir Trades I’m able to counter right away with the units I have on my side and add some more – enough to catch my opponent on the wrong foot most of the time.

Especially Musketeer, Mega Minion and Executioner are great choices to do that!

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