Win the Draft Challenge

The Draft Challenge is back this weekend! It’s only a different name and the whole mechanic is the same, so I want to give you some valuable tips how you can win the Draft Challenge in Clash Royale inside this post.

Available in Friendly Battles: March 2nd – 6th

Available in Challenges: March 3rd – 6th

Remember, you’ll get 1 Free Entry for the Classic Draft Challenge 🙂

About the Draft Challenge

This challenge starts off by letting you choose between 2 different cards 4 times. The card you’re not taking will go into your opponent’s deck while he does the same. So you’re building half of your deck and half of your opponent’s deck.

This challenge is the only challenge where tactic and gameplay skills will get you through – you can’t build a deck, you can only make some choices.

The important part is choosing the right cards.

draft challenge event in clash royale

Winning Strategies for the Draft Challenge

You will have to make 4 very difficult choices, but I can promise you that most of your opponents won’t be that good at all.

Many tend to take the strong cards and don’t think much about it, but the thing is that it’s not only about the cards you take, it’s also about what you give your opponent and what your opponent will give you

Here are the most important rules you always need to remember:

  • Choose Cards that are useful and balanced
  • Don’t give your opponent counters to your cards
  • Don’t give your opponent good cards to use together

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Best Deck Choices & Cards for the Draft Challenge

Every single time you’re about to choose a card, you should ask yourself not how strong the card is – aks yourself if you have something to deal with the most common situations, like…

  • …Barbarians are going for your Tower
  • …a Giant is going for your Tower
  • …enough air damage against Lava Hounds or Balloons
  • …etc. (other typical situations)

It’s not like doing regular matches where everybody can build well-balanced decks and then build pushes – your opponent will also have a weird deck and it comes down to handle situations.

That’s why the single cards can be very strong, in case a Balloon on your Arena Tower, or some Barbarians, etc.

Now let me give you some examples to show you what I mean.

Too Expensive Cards

Always have a look what you’re building up – if you have a PEKKA or a Golem, you should now seek for cheaper cards.

If you only have very strong cards (and expensive) cards, your opponent can build cheap combinations against it while you have very limited ways to play against it.

Giving Your Opponent A Good Combo

Sometimes you don’t want to build up your opponent a solid combination – you don’t know what he has chosen so it could happen he will get a nice combo, but you don’t need to make it too easy for him.

Pairing up a Valkyrie with a Musketeer can be hard to counter, so I take the Musketeer (I already have the Ice Wizard in this situation).

draft challenge choices

Giving Your Opponent The Counter

In this situation I could give my opponent the Fire Spirits because the Ice Golem would make a solid combo with the Barbarians, but in return, I would give him a cheap but effective counter to my Barbarians.

I rather choose to have a less perfect combination than give my opponent that effective opportunity, so I take the fire Spirits myself.

draft challenge choose cards right

The second one is the same, the Fireball would totally wreck the Barbarians, so I can’t give them away.


I think you now got the impression what this duel is all about. It’s not about a balanced deck; it’s about strategical thinking when you choose the cards and then it’s all about making smart decisions in many gameplay situations – the one doing fewer mistakes will win the match.

Don’t get mad if you lose a match; sometimes the mix will give you a bad deck and your opponent is lucky enough to make a good deck – you can’t prevent that for 100%, but you have to be careful in the beginning to not let that happen that often

Here’s, by the way, an interesting guide how streaks will make an influence on the strength of your opponents:

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    • You never give up! Never! It’s 3 minutes overtime and either you don’t stand any chance or you can get tie done.
      I once got a deck with only defensive spells and my oly win condition was a Minion… it’s not much fun to get set up like that but giving up is never an option (btw I managed to get the draw)

    • Yes that’s right, 3 Crowns are not giving you anything and defending is way more important in challenges than in regular battles.
      Also, in the beginning of the challenge it’s always easier because ANYBODY with a free ticket tries his luck and at the end only those who actually pay the 100 gems participate (the tougher opponents IMO)

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