Win the Double Elixir Challenge

The Double Elixir Challenge is an occasional challenge that takes part once in a while. Here I’d like to give you some tips on how you can beat this challenge and win it, including some decks you can use.

About the Double Elixir Challenge

The challenge itself is explained quite easy – you will get double the Elixir you will get normally, practically it’s like the last minute when double Elixir time kicks in.12 wins in the double elixir challengeOne thing to mind is, that you won’t start with your Elixir Bar filled half the way – you will start with an empty Elixir Bar. This prevents crazy starting moves and doesn’t mean you can lose just because your internet connection was taking a second longer than your opponents.

Winning Strategies

This challenge is working great because the average level of players is very low. Here are my tips that will make you win.

Prepare your Deck

I personally recommend you cards like Three Musketeers, Lightning Spells, Fireball, Barbarian Hut as they give you plenty of options to win.

In general, it’s even more important to be prepared to defend against your opponent. You know that there will be a lot of Lava Hounds and Golems coming in, so be prepared to defend against that!

I recommend you to also use the Inferno Tower to counter these tanking cards.

inferno tower defending in clash royale

I also recommend you to play defensively and check out the card cycle of your opponent and wait for the right point to push back.

That many Elixir makes people go crazy and they will often enough just spam their troops in hope to get them through to your tower instead of building up solid pushes.

Attention! Be prepared to a fast starting push from your opponent. If you have bad starting cards that won’t let you defend, play them to cycle in some defensive cards. A first push can decide the game and you don’t want to lose the match within the first seconds!

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Best Decks for the Double Elixir Challenge

Here are my deck suggestions for the Double Elixir Challenge. Of course, you can modify it to use the cards you like and switch them around a little bit.

The Golem & Clone Spell Deck

golem clone spell deck in clash royaleThis deck is the one I used most lately in the challenges, but you have to be careful with the timing. You always start off defensively (Tombstone & Mega Minion) and then set your Golem for a counter-push.

The Lightning Spell and the Zap will support you in the push.

Check out here how to play a Golem Deck:

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Three Musketeer & Lightning Deck
three musketeers hog rider deck

The Three Musketeers are a very common deck to use in this challenge. Make sure to know how to spell bait and split them right to have success.

Read here more on how to play a Three Musketeer deck:

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Lava Hound & Miner Deck

lava hound and miner deck for clash royale

I just love this deck! You will set your Lava Hound and then deploy your Miner the whole game. Your opponent will just defend and do nothing else. If he has a defense like an Inferno Tower, just use your Lightning Spell, otherwise use the Mega Minion as support.

Here are some tips on playing Lava Hound decks:

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The Double Elixir Challenge is so much due because it’s extremely fast-paced. Keep calm and play your deck relaxed – your opponent is most likely a bad player that only spams cards.

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