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Weekly Clan Chest

clan chest in clash royale

You all might have noticed the Maintenance Break a couple of hours ago that happened after the Jungle Arena and the Dart Goblin was released? Well, this was more than just a server upkeep break, it also changes a few things up in the game:

In today’s maintenance break we’re changing the Clan Chest to a weekly 3-day event, starting Jan 16. The required Crowns and rewards are roughly halved, but the result will be slightly more rewards overall

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Weekly Clan Chest

The most important thing is that the Clan Chest is now only dropping about half the Cards and Gold, but it will happen on a weekly basis instead of every season (bi-weekly).

After the maintenance break, the Clan Chest will look as follows…

  • Starts every Monday (from every other Monday)
  • Lasts 3 days (from 7 days)
  • Requires 1600 Crowns to get to level 10 (from 3250 Crowns)
  • Level 1 contains 270 cards (from 525)
  • Level 10 contains 1620 gold (from 3150)

So overall the change doesn’t seem that big, but especially for those joining a new clan once in a while, it will be easier to take part in the Clan Chest gathering frequently.

Also, if your clan is not active in one week, you can make it up easier than waiting a whole week until the next Clan Chest becomes available.

The frequency, in fact, was the only thing I didn’t like that much about the Clan Chest so far – who needs to wait a whole week to open up the Clan Chest?


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