War Dragons Best Dragons (Per Tier) List

Are you not sure which dragons you should breed and level up?

I have been going through all the dragons and will tell you which one really work great and that are worth getting in War Dragons.

The Best Dragons You Should Get & Use

Now let’s go through all the tiers and take a closer look at all the dragons and I will tell you which ones I think are the most useful.

Red Tier

You will cross this tier here off really quickly so there’s not much need on focusing to get the best dragon here, all of them will get you to your goal. One word of caution… if you get Ember, one of the epic dragons in red tier don’t level him up and keep him at Level 1. He is good for Egg Token missions and Chest Hunting but every new level will add less and less effectivitiy so it’s really not worth it leveling him up.

If looking at the raw stats, Kinnara is probably the best dragon here but you will leave the red tier so fast it doesn’t really matter.

Purple Tier

I also wouldn’t recommend you to spend too much time getting the best dragon in this tier neither, but for the sake of making this list here complete I recommend Arborius that is for me the best dragon in the purple tier. Alternatively, Dominus is also really strong but you can’t get him without spending money…

Blue Tier

Now here we get the list actually started and for me, Drude is without any doubt the strongest blue tier dragon in War Dragons! He will be healing up and is so endurable cause to that and your best take here.

Orange Tier

amarok best orange tier dragon in war dragonsAmarok, plain and simple. He used to be a hell of a beast but since more and more elemental towers got added he was getting a little less beast but still a massive power and dominating the orange tier without even thinking about it. And the best thing is, you can breed this legendary dragon without spending money so just don’t think about the other dragons or spend more on them than you really need to 🙂

Green Tier

I recommend getting Ettin in the green tier as soon as possible – for me Ettin is the perfect hunter dragon and you will learn how to play with a hunter dragon and cloak a hunter with him at this point. Alternatively, you can go for Danzig because his Vampiric Touch just makes him really hard to kill but for me, Ettin is still the number 1 here.

Gold Tier

Prepare for the hardest choice in War Dragons and the toughest discussion between two dragons – it’s the neverending battle between Consurgens and Whalegnawer. Both of them are really strong and have quite similar skills so this is a close one. I think Whalegnawer is a little better because cloak and resist will counter the Lightning Towers a little better. Anyway, if you get Consurgens you will still have a really powerful dragon for the gold tier and don’t necessarily need to go after Whalegnawer.

Platinum Tier

Rizar is the best dragon to use in this tier and actually one of my personal favorites in the game, simply because all his spells are useful, there’s not one you only barely use. This will make him the most powerful and the one you should really get.

Sapphire Tier

For the legendary dragons, Sekhem is the best dragon here and once you have improved your skill and mastered using his Desiccating Sands spell, you will really enjoy his full power and dominate with him. Iteru is an alternative because I really enjoy the one-shot kill spell he has that makes a lot of fun to play and him really powerful as well.

When taking a look at the mythic dragons, I really say that Hauheset is the strongest one but you need to know how to fly him (you need to be a skilled hunter dragon player), if not you will really have a bad time and rather want to use Apophet.

Garnet Tier

I choose Frostbiter here anytime with his really useful spells (cloak, resist, shield), even over the mythic dragon you have there. They are okayish and Gloomclaw has skills that are really fun to use but after all not that powerful compared to Frostbiter.

After all not a tier to enjoy and you should try to get out of it fast.

Emerald Tier

Another tier that I personally didn’t enjoy that much, actually there’s no really effective dragon in this tier if you ask me. I used Ferga as a hunter, but still I wouldn’t call Ferga strong or anything, it was just the “tool” to get to the next tier.

Obsidian Tier

To be perfectly honest here, when talking about the best dragons in the Obsidian Tier, we talk about the only two dragons that I find actually useful and that’s Noctua and Rhyo.

Harbringer Tier

Destar is the strongest dragon here, just by looking at his stats in relation to the towers, unless they are buffed heavily. I also like Wydrian a lot because his Blood Fury will give you rage and health that you can use in between islands.

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