True Blue or True Red?

I recently got asked multiple times what True Red and True Blue is in Clash Royale, especially what significance this has in the game mechanic and you as the player as well. In this article, I’d like to explain you some details.

The Significance of True Red & True Blue

Before we talk about the mechanic and what it means to you, I’d like to explain it to you.

true blue and blue on map in clash royale

I’m sure you noticed that you are always the player on the bottom side, the “Blue Side”.

Well, that’s wrong! The game is only presented that way and either you or your opponent is on the bottom side, and the other one only sees the whole battle map mirrored.

I hope you can follow me until here, not it gets more complicated.

Attention! This behavior got eliminated in the march 2017 Clash Royale Update, so there’s no difference between True Red and True Blue anymore!

Mechanic of Blue and Red

If you look at the map, it looks like a chess board pattern, but your troops don’t move from tile to tile, they move over them.

The tiles you see, are only a graphical presentation and the real map below (unable to see for you) is slightly different.

This map has a difference for both sides – easily spoken, the red and the blue side are different (I will show you below what that actually means), but you don’t see the difference because you always appear to be on the Blue Side.

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Difference Between Blue and Red Side?

Now here’s the interesting point and it will not only proof you that this is really happening, but it will also show you how this could affect some strategies in the game.

I admit that the differences are small, but depending on your current deck you should be aware of it.

Look at this example:

[tweet_dis_img]Wrong image[/tweet_dis_img]

The Ice Golem is deployed at the same tile at the same time – one time as being True Blue and the other time being True Red.

So it’s impossible to kite certain troops from the left side with 4 tiles distance if your True Blue! This works from the right side without problems and only affects the left side.

You might also have seen that you can pull a Hog Rider (called “Pig Push”)with a defense from the left side and sometimes it didn’t work? The same reason!

pig push with true red and true blue

I think you know by now that this is an important situation to every player, for attacking and defending as well.

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Know if you’re True Blue or True Red

Ok, I think you understood that there’s a difference if you’re actually playing on the red or the blue side since the blue side offers some disadvantages.

But how you can find that out?

Well, trying one time is not a good plan except you play the move anyway and see it – luckily there are other ways to find out.

  1. Regular Leaderboard Battles: The player with the higher trophy count is always True Blue
  2. Friendly Battles: The player that requested a match is always True Blue
  3. Challenges: The player who clicked the “Battle” button first is True Blue (but that’s not possible to find out for you as the player)

If you don’t know it for sure, just prevent the risky 4-tiles-deployments – especially Challenges are the situation for that.


I admit that there’s no obvious reason why this is happening and many (including myself) call this a bug that should get fixed. I assume that there’s probably a very good reason why this is implemented that way, but Supercell claims that Clash Royale is THE mobile eSport game of the years to come and this is a huge in-balancement that needs to get removed. In the meantime, just have it in the back of your head when playing.

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