Tower Protection

Clash Royale is a game where you have to balance out your offensive and defensive gameplay in order to win matches. Sometimes I see players doing way too much effort on protecting a Crown Tower and give away a victory for a tie. In this guide, I’d like to help you find the right choice when you have to protect a Crown Tower or let some damage happen.

Tower Overprotection

None of us can stand getting a lot of damage on a Crown Tower or even see it getting destroyed – but a destroyed Crown Tower doesn’t mean that you’ll lose the whole match. In chess it’s called “sacrificing a pawn” and it means that sometimes you have to let something happen in order to win.

In Clash Royale this happens as well, and all of you know that it’s impossible to prevent all damage from your Crown Towers.

Check out this situation, which is a classic situation in my opinion:

protecting a tower in clash royale

You’re leading the match with 1-0 and there’s like 1 minute left on the timer. That’s where most players focus on defending that lead, but the left Crown Tower already took way too much damage.

With less than 300 HP left on that Tower, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to defend it because your opponent will now push with everything against that tower to prevent losing the match.

You need to have a bad opponent to defend that Tower and if your opponent knows what to do, he will get some damage through to your left Crown Tower.

The solution is that you should let go of that Tower and let the opponent have it and focus on the other lane

I don’t mean that you should let him have the Tower for free, but you should limit your defending to make him go full forces against that Tower. Cards like a Princess help you doing that.

defending a crown tower in clash royale

You’ll create several advantages for your by doing that:

  1. The other lane will be almost defenseless because your opponent will commit a lot on the lane with your left Crown Tower (he has to, otherwise he’ll lose the match)
  2. You’ll have the timer on your side and can deal a lot of damage to his other Crown Tower so in overtime you’ll have it a lot easier

tower destruction overtime

This will lower the amount of times where you tie the match, and you’ll pull off victories more times.

Attention! Always have an eye on what’s going on on the left side. If your opponent pushes extremely hard, he might get your Kings Tower and get a 3 Crown Win!

In general, it’s always good to push on both lanes instead of committing to one lane exclusively:

Read It!
Double Lane Pushing

Accepting Damage

The first situation was when your Crown Tower is low on health, but another very common situation is when you’re building up a push yourself on one side and your opponent plays down something on the other side.

This is in fact, at least for me, a very sensitive and common situation where you have the tough decision to either stop pushing and defend or finish building your push and accepting some damage against your Crown Tower.

A tough point and both options offer both, great risk and great chances. You can…

  • …lose a Crown Tower to your opponent or
  • …wasted a lot Elixir in building up half of a push squad that won’t get much damage done

Finding a balance here is not easy, but I can tell you that taking the secure option and defending is not always right.

pushing or defending tower in clash royale

The key to solve this is to know how much your opponent will get – always keep in mind that you’ll  be having a full push against a pretty much defenseless Crown Tower yourself and you’re very likely getting it either down or making it lose a lot of hitpoints.

Of course, you can only let your opponent push when your Crown Tower is having plenty of HP left.


Accepting loss and damage is a difficult thing, everybody wants to prevent that but when you see that you can get something better in return it’s maybe time to let it happen. I hope I helped you with this guide.

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