The Jason Deck

We have just seen the first big Clash Royale tournament take place in Helsinki. One of the big things to emerge from this tournament was a deck by a player known as Jason – who also happened to win the tournament. I will now show you the deck and how to play it effectively.

Here’s a recap of the tournament: Click Here

The Deck From Jason

So here is the deck:

Do not worry if you don’t have all of these cards a elixir Collector can be replaced for a splash damage card ,such as Fireball, or another Defence such as Bomb Tower or Cannon. Alternatively you could use Baby Dragon or Wizard. You will notice that this deck consists of many commons with a few Rares. There is a reason for this: at the tournament cap Epics are actually very weak and do not scale well with the Rares or commons. However, if you are playing at level 7-level 9 then you are at the tournament cap in terms of your crown towers and card levels, meaning this deck will work very well for you.

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How to Play the Deck

This deck takes advantage of a few things. These are:

  • Very positive Elixir trades
  • An ability to make your opponent waste a lot of Elixir
  • Great card synergy
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Attacking The Correct Tower


The Elixir Collector does two main things for the deck if placed correctly. Try to place it in the middle (between your towers) and slightly in front. This means that it will draw fire from cards such as Mortar and also draw bigger threats, such as Hog Rider or PEKKAs into the Killzone (the area where both towers will attack). The other obvious advantage the Elixir collector offers is the ability to gain an easy Elixir advantage over your opponent allowing you to defend and attack more effectively.

Jason Deck winning elixir collector placement for defending

Other cards such as your Barbarians, Minion Horde, Arrows and Spear Goblins are your easy defence, All of these cards can deal with almost everything your opponent can throw at you (I say almost because this deck has weaknesses). For example: Barbarians will effectively deal with a Giant, a Prince, a PEKKA, a Hog Rider etc. You get the idea. Minions do the exact same for many air and ground threats. A Balloon can be dealt with swiftly and so can Dragons, if you wait for them to target something first. Minion Hordes are very good at giving you an Elixir advantage as they take out troops so quickly that an opponents Arrows (which they almost always try) will be completely wasted. This means that your Minion Horde (5) can take out a Valkyrie (4) and Arrows (3) giving you an Elixir advantage of +2. There are many other examples of how this deck trades positively but you will just have to try the deck and you will see for yourself.

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Hut Placement Guide


This is where this deck really shines because it simply has a push that most opponents will find impossible to stop. You can start this push as follows:

  1. Place your Giant at the back of your side and allow it to walk towards the bridge.
  2. Wait for a response (this will either be a counter-attack or defence).
  3. Deal with the counter attack (using Barbarians or Minion Horde).
  4. Once your Giant is at the bridge place both Archers and Spear Goblins behind it if possible.
  5. Immediately place the Hog Rider at the bridge as soon as all defences have targeted the Giant.

This combo is very hard to stop. Splash damage will target the Giant. Direct damage troops such as Musketeer can take out your giant but will very quickly be dealt with by your Archers and Spear Goblins. It is also very common for your opponent to use Arrows to kill your Spear Goblins and try and kill your Archers. Luckily Archers survive Arrows and will continue to chip away. If someone wastes their Arrows killing your Spear Goblins then do not be afraid to use your Minion Horde offensively.

jason winning deck attacking strategy

How this Works

The way this attack works is that all defences and troops will lock onto your giant whilst your Spear Goblins and Archers do the real damage. Just as your Giant is dying your Hog Rider will come in. This works as the defences will either start to target your Spear Goblins and Archers, allowing the Hog Rider to do damage or the defences will attack the Hog Rider and your backup troops will do the damage. Either way, this is a very powerful attack and it is not uncommon to get 3 Crown victories by just stacking troops up in Double Elixir.

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Overall this a very powerful deck that does well even at higher trophy levels. Do not let the lack of Epics put you off. I am at 2132 trophies right now (Arena 7/Royal Arena) using this deck at level 8 so it can hang with the best decks using every Epic they own. Like all decks it has weaknesses (Wizard and Valkyrie can be problematic) but it performs very well when used correctly. I encourage you to try it out and have fun!

This was a guest post by Sam Ellison


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  1. Really… The Elixir Collector??? Now with various balance changes the Elixir Collector costs 6 elixir. When Jason won, the Elixir Collector cost 5 elixir. It brings up the avg. cost by 0.3 elixir. I suggest switching it out for the Inferno Tower since the deck is already pretty cheap.

    • You see that this article is 1 year old, right? 😀
      And that’s exactly what I wrote in the guide for the retro royale challenge here

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