Stuck in Clash Royale

Every one of us knows the situation when it feels that you don’t progress anymore. Sometimes you gain some trophies, then you lose some and your trophy count is just the same as it has been a while ago. Here are some things that will help you deal with this situation.

Being Stuck in Clash Royale

No worry, I won’t waste your time by explaining you that you need to find an active clan to get more cards donated to upgrade your card. No beginner tips inside this article!

You know the game enough and you still think there must be a reason why you’re not progressing.

Mindset in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a game of mind and your mind and mood is determining how you play the game more than you think.

If you’re in a lazy mood or just exhausted from a hard day, you might not use every small chance to push. That just happens in your mind, without you noticing.

Tip #1

Only play the game when you are fully focused and in a good condition


I often find myself just starting a match and then I recognize that I won’t do my best game jsut because I’m distracted by thing or whatever.

You got used to it

Every player starts playing a strategy that works out depending on the surrounding conditions. This means you play a different style of game because you adapt to the players you are playing against.

I’m not talking about your deck here, I mean the whole gamestyle. When you push, the style of deployment, pulling, kiting, the whole package

With this very strategy you’ve been winning, so you just have been rising in trophies. Now there are players that play the same style.

Tip #2

In doubt, your opponent is better than you!

Yes, your opponent got to the same trophy count as you did. He wasn’t placed there by chance by the game, so he is either as good as you, a little weaker and had luck or simply better than you.

Never underestimate your opponent!

Maybe it’s time to get some new tactics and strategies. Watch your replays and check where you lost the matches, what mistake you did or what good move your opponent played on you.

Tip #3

Never stop evolving!

The Power Of Bad Experiences

When something bad happens to us, we tend to keep that in mind while we like to forget the small good things.

A very common saying tells that we like to write the good things in sand while we cut the bad things in stone.

baby dragon versus minions defending

Sometimes you had some bad experiences and you have the feeling that you are stuck. Don’t let 3 or 4 bad matches let you get down.

Chances & Probability in Clash Royale

Here’s a very interesting thing that I learned years ago when I was heavily into poker – it has something to do with probabilities.

Let’s say you and your opponent are exactly equally strong, so each of you would win half the matches.

Every matchup you get is against an opponent and I can guarantee you that there is no opponent that you would win 100% of the matches against, IF you would play let’s say 1 million matches against him.

Let’s get back to the matchup with our opponent that is equally strong as you. It’s like rolling a dice – you would expect that all number would appear at the same amount, but if you roll the dice 6 times you will very likely not get all numbers on it exactly one time.

That’s called variance and means that the true numbers only get true after having done something a huge amount of times.

The mathematical chances, that will lose 3 times in a row against an equal strong opponent is actually 12.5% (50%*50%*50%).

This means you can lose 3 times in a row against an exactly equally strong opponent.

Tip #4

The probability to lose 3 times in a row against an equally strong opponent is 12.5% (mathematically).

Don’t freak out on some lost matches 🙂

Tilted? Or Tilting?

Speaking of bad mood, broken phones… I learned that it’s useless to get back on another match when you just lost a match when your opponent did just have a lucky punch on you.

You’re very likely to lose another match because you now want the win and ignore all risks.

I lost hundreds of trophies due to this, so I just don’t continue when I just lost against a weaker player and when I’m just getting angry.

If you tend to do this – not everybody does it – you can simply count the times you did it and see how much more trophies you could have now

Tip #5

Don’t tilt – and don’t play Clash Royale when youre angry. You wil defeat yourself


The key of fighting the “I got stuck” feeling is just relaxing and I hope the 5 things I pointed out above will help you with that.

Everybody has periods when it just don’t work out, but a real champion goes on and fights through these periods.

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