Pushing & Shoving Units Guide

Units can push away other troops, that probably nothing new to you – but you can use this for advantage. In this guide, I’m going to show you how you can speed up your own troops, how you can do it correctly and also how you can retarget your opponent troops with it.

Why am I writing this guide? Simply because I noticed that some just use it wrong and I think even this trick is not new, I wanted to write a guide how to use it properly plus you can also use it in defense, which I haven’t found a guide out there for.

Shoving Your Troops

You know that there are 4 different movement speeds – from slow via medium over fast to very fast.

You have to imagine your units like round circles and they can never go over each other, they can only pass by each other – and if they are perfectly in line and the faster one is behind the slower one, the faster one will push the slower one forward.

showing troops in clash royale

The most important thing you have to keep in mind when doing this is, that you will have to get the troops behind each other at the bridge, otherwise the faster one will bypass and not shove it.

Again, the bridge is the important point you have to start it. If the slower troop passed the bridge, it will overtake the slower unit.

Retarget Enemy Units

Now let’s take a look at the units of your opponent. There are often times when his ranged troops lock on to your Arena Tower and you don’t have the right cards in your cycle or missing Elixir to play it.

Many think that you can’t re-target an enemy unit as soon as it starts hitting a certain target without using something that pushes back or resets their target like Zap.

That’s wrong! You can retarget them by making your troop pushing his troops away!

Let me show you some examples.

Retarget Ranged Units

Ranged units always start to target their target as soon as they are in range – at the very pixel that’s close enough.

You can now use your units to push them away a little bit so their current target is out of range a little bit so they are forced to choose a new target.

In this case, the Ice Wizard and the Wizard locked on to my Arena Tower and I had only an Ice Golem available to play.

shoving enemy troops in clash royale out of range

As you can see, the Ice Golem is big enough to push back the Wizard a little bit, my Arena Tower got out of range of the Wizard (yes, this little push was enough) and the Wizard now targets the ice Wizard which was the only target in range for him.

Attention! This doesn’t work if they are closer!

You can only use building targeting units like:

  • Ice Golem
  • Giant
  • Hog Rider
  • etc.

to do that – other ones will target the troops and not push them.

Here you can also see it how it works against a Miner that hits a Tower from the side:

shove miner away from tower

This also works against charging Sparky or a Royal Giant to reset him to target a building.


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