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Product RED in Clash Royale

product RED in clash royale

Supercell takes part in the Apple exclusive event called RED. That’s an event where all revenue generated through the in-app purchases for RED products will get donated to charity in order to fight AIDS and other diseases around the world.

Product RED Event

Those of you who already played (or also still play) Clash of Clans already know how this works. An optional AppStore update will enable the special looks and RED products in the game.product RED update in Clash Royale

The nice thing is, the product RED won’t cost you anything extra than what you would pay for the normal counterpart in the shop – this year it’s a pouch of gems and you’ll get a fancy looking Tower theme in addition as long as the event is active (until December 6th).product RED kings tower

After that, the special RED tower will disappear, so no worries if you’re playing on Android there’s nothing the iOS user get that you don’t – it’s just king tower

The thing is that all the revenue generated will be donated instead of being put into Supercells or Apples pockets – if you’re about to buy some gems anyway please consider buying them instead of the regular ones.

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It’s a nice charity event for those of you who would buy the gems anyway – otherwise be aware that the special Tower look will disappear after December 6th again. However, you can still get it if you’d like to donate something to charity but still get something in return.


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