Predictive Spell Usage

predictive spell usage in clash royale

Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! I think all of you know this expression too good and in Clash Royale it’s something very common to happen. Spells are a great support for your troops or in return can give you a hard time. In this guide I’d like to show you a technique that will outplay a big part of your opponents easily.

Psych! Counter the Counter

A common situation, you play against an opponent and none of you is making an progress so you will most likely end up in a tie. The reason for this is most of the times the same – you both neutralize each other and this makes it impossible to progress.

Your opponent seems to have a nice counter to each of your cards and attempts against his towers, so what can you do?

Let’s have a look at this common situation where my opponent always drops down his Wizard when I run with Elite Barbarians or Barbarians for his Tower (or Valkyrie).

counter wizard with fireball

This is frustrating because it’s a waste of Elixir for me all the time and since he knows I play that move he will hold back his card until I play mine.

The solution is a move that’s called predictive spell!

A predictive spell is a spell that I play into the empty part of the map where I know (or at least assume) that my opponent will play his counter.

With this move I prevent the deploy time and counter his counter immediately to get my push through.

Sounds complicated?

Well, the solution is easy. With a predictive Fireball, I get the Wizard out of the way and my Barbarians are working on the tower like intended. There’s no way my opponent is able to defend against it after having spent his elixir and security card for no return value.

Predictive Spell Situation

The first and most important part is watching your opponent closely. Most of them tend to use the same card over and over again and wait for my push to counter it.

The strongest indication that this will work is when you see your opponent play his card when your attempt is incoming

Here the classic situation when he instant Zap Spell a Goblin Barrel. This means he played the Zap when the Goblin Barrel was still in the air.

Now it’s time to make him pay for this arrogance of thinking to know what’s going to happen!

Here are some classic situations I’d like to show you – of course, there are countless more of them, but I think you will understand how it works and apply it to your deck and style easily 🙂

Always keep in mind that this move is a risky play and you could miss, but if not you will get a hard strike on him. Most of the times you will hit that goal.

The key is alway playing your card before the counter is played.

Preventive Fireball

The Fireball works great in addition to your troops when your opponent likes to play a Valkyrie or the Wizard. They have too many hitpoints for other spells so the Fireball can take them down easily and your troops can go for the tower.

predicted fireball

This also works great when you want your Hog Rider to pass through some Barbarians as well.

Preventive Arrows

Arrows are working very good against Minions or Lava Pups because the Zap is not powerful enough to take them out completely if they are the same level.

If you deploy something like a Giant or Royal Giant, you don’t want a Minion Horder to take them down so you can instantly send the Arrows afterward. The radius is so big, you will hit something in 99% of the times.

Preventive Zap

The Zap is probably the most commonly used card in Clash Royale. It’s a perfect use against a Goblin Barrel and if you see that your opponent instant zap your Goblin Barrel away, you can trick him by putting your Goblin Barrel in front or behind the tower.

tricky goblin barrel clash royale

Preventive Log

If you play a slow unit with a lot of hitpoints, opponents love to counter it with Skeleton Army or set other cards that have low hitpoints.

When you play your defensive Log along with the card you want to play, your opponent will set his counter and they get immediately crushed.

Pro Tip! Always know the cycle of your opponent. Force him to play his counter card and then set your attack or use the predicitve spell.

When you played the predictive spell once, be aware that your opponent will adapt and don’t make that move more than one time in a row!


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