Get More Gold In Clash Royale

more gold clash royale

When you have upgraded some of your Cards to Level 5 and beyond, you will see that you run short on Gold. In this post, I want to show you some ways to reduce your Gold shortage and have more Gold.

How To Get Gold

There is no super secret way to gain more Gold in Clash Royale; you can earn Gold from 3 different things:

  • Opening Chests
  • Donating Cards to your Clan
  • Buy it in the shop

However, there are several ways how you can optimize your Gold income from these 3 sources

Opening Chests

Open all Chests you can open – free Chests, Crown Chest and also the ones you unlock. I recommend opening all free Chests right away and always get your Crown Chest if it’s available.

more gold from free chests

During the day, you should focus on unlocking the Silver Chests and only unlock the Chests that take more hours (Gold Chest, Giant Chest, etc.) before you go to sleep. That’s the way to open as many Chests as possible.

Always try to have all 4 Chest spaces filled with locked Chests. Beginning to unlock a Chest is done quickly, also during the day when you can’t play because it only takes about 20 seconds to start opening the next one. (Push Notifications will help you!)

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Donate Cards for more Gold

It’s important you have a Clan that is requesting Cards frequently. Try to donate as much as possible.

Always keep in mind that if you have more Cards than you need for an upgrade, the upgrade will just remove the leftover Cards and set the counter to zero.

upgrading cards and wasting cards with gold

Don’t hesitate donating rare Cards to your Clan, unless you want to upgrade that Card next because you use it in your Deck.

Buying Gold from the Shop

I don’t want to recommend you to spend real money for Gems, but inside the Chests you unlock are sometimes Gems as well. They will add up to the 60 Gems needed, and many buy a Chest with these Gems.

Don’t buy Chests or unlock Chests with Gems!

Use all the Gems you get for Gold in the Store – 60 Gems will give you 1000 Gold and when you’re in Arena 3+ you will have plenty of Cards to upgrade left. This will help you much more than some extra Cards.


I know it’s tempting to get more Chests to get more Cards, but in fact you get so many Chests and Cards that you will not be able to upgrade your Cards because you don’t have enough Gold.

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In this situation, you will see that many of your Cards are leftover because you collect more than you need for the upgrade and they are simply removed when you do the upgrade.

Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison

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