How To Level Up And Max Out Cards Faster

I know that all of us follow the very distant goal of maxing out all cards we’re using in Clash Royale (or even all cards available in the game), but this is a very distant goal.

In fact, maxing out all cards is taking a lot of time, also because you won’t be able to get specific cards even when spending real money – so it’s important to have the right strategy and that’s what this guide is all about.

Upgrading Cards

opening chest clash royaleFirst, let’s talk about the general mechanic to get you all on the same page. Every chest contains different cards which are drawn by random, but not completely by random.

If there’s a new Common or Rare Card available in the game or you just reached a new Arena that unlocks new Cards for you, you might have noticed that you will get these new cards more often than the ones you already have.


This is because the game automatically balances the amount of all cards you have – this means if you have one card at Level 3 and all other by Level 7, you will get more of the Level 3 type. That doesn’t mean you will only get them, but the odds are a lot higher.

How Many Cards You Need

Let me give you the stripped numbers of how many cards you’ll need in total to max out a certain card:

  • Common Cards (Max Level 13): 9,586
  • Rare Cards (Max Level 11): 2,586
  • Epic Cards (Max Level 8): 386
  • Legendary Cards (Max Level 5): 36

This is the total amount of cards you need to max them out.

In addition, you will need to pay between 175,000 to 185,000 in Gold to upgrade the Cards to their maximum Level!

Just upgrading costs! 😳

Strategy To Max Out Cards

If you see the numbers above, you see that you’re in need of a good strategy.

Here are some things you should do when upgrading your Cards.

Stick To A Deck Type (Archetype)

If you switch around decks all the time and always go after the current  meta deck, you will never max out your cards.

The thing is, you will always have different cards in your deck that you will level up a bit, spend time on requesting it from your clan and pay gold for upgrading it. It’s likely these cards are getting nerfed in the next balancing cycle and useless for the next months.

Of course, none of us is using the same deck all the time and if there are very strong cards you should use them – but at least stick to a deck archetype!

First of all, find out what deck you like to play most – a beatdown deck, cycle deck with Hog Rider etc.

If you play a Cycle Deck with a Hog Rider, you can work on the element cards (like the Hog Rider) or if you play a Golem Deck work on the element cards there.

If you’re now seing a card in your deck getting nerfed (let’s say Archers or Minions), you can switch them out and replace them with cards that will work better. This will keep the main part of your deck a lot more viable through different balancing updates.

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Of course, there’s no ultimate strategy and sometimes here and there a central card of your archetype deck will get nerfed, but this nerf won’t last forever. Supercell don’t want to kill off your progress.

Use The Shop

Always buy 3 Rare Cards and 3 Common Cards from the shop when new Cards get available. Simply because you will be able to make a profit from it:

  • 3 Rare Cards = 120 Gold in total (20 + 40 + 60 Gold) = 40 Gold in average
  • Donating a Rare Card = 50 Gold
  • 3 Common Cards = 12 Gold in total (2 + 4 + 6 Gold) = 4 Gold in average
  • Donating a Common Card = 5 Gold

This will make you earn some small Gold plus it will add Cards to your account for a very low price.

Also you can earn like 50,000 Gold every Elic Sunday – here’s the strategy:

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Balance Your Deck

I know having a deck with a lot of Epic Cards might be tempting, but you are not able to level them up very fast.

It’s no difference if you request Common Cards or Rare Cards, so you don’t need to make a difference there.

Requesting The Right Cards

Requesting Cards in your clan is the only way to get certain cards on point without having to be lucky when opening a chest or buying them in the shop – in fact, this is the only reliable way to upgrade the cards in the deck.

Often times, these cards are on a higher level than the other cards so you will see other cards appear in chests more often.

Unfortunately, there’s a donation limit on:

  1. How much cards you can get per donation request
  2. The donation cooldown prevents that you can request cards more often than 3 times per day

Due to these limitations (only a few cards and that’s the only way to choose which card you want), it’s extremely important to think very carefully what card you request and also stick to it (if possible).

Here’s how long it takes (3 requests per day) to upgrade cards in days

Common Level Arena 6

(and lower)

Arena 9

(and lower)

Arena 10

(and higher)

7 1,7 1,1 0,8
8 3,3 2,2 1,7
9 6,7 4,4 3,3
10 13,3 8,9 6,7
11 16,7 11,1 8,3
12 33,3 22,2 16,7
13 83,3 55,6 41,7
Rare Level
3 0,7 0,4 0,3
4 1,7 1,1 0,8
5 3,3 2,2 1,7
6 8,3 5,6 4,2
7 16,7 11,1 8,3
8 33,3 22,2 16,7
9 66,7 44,4 33,3
10 133,3 88,9 66,7
11 166,7 111,1 83,3
Epic Level*
2 7 7 7
3 14 14 7
4 35 28 21
5 70 48 35
6 175 119 91
7 350 238 175
8 700 469 350

*only Sundays

As you can see, upgrading to higher levels take a lot of time when requesting the Cards, that’s why you have to think a lot about what card makes most sense.

Lower Upgrade > Higher Upgrades

When upgrading a card, you will always gain 10% hitpoints and damage/effect per level.

This means the boost you will get from upgrading from Level 9 to Level 10 is extremely similar to the boost your card get when upgrading from Level 10 to Level 11* but the costs are twice as much:

clash royale upgrading cards costs

*Similar because the 10% from the last level will also be included in the next upgrade level, but this is very low so you can forget about it.

In return, upgrading from Level 3 to Level 4 costs a lot less in Gold and Cards then upgrading from Level 10 to Level 11.

So always start to upgrade lower cards that you plan to frequently use!

Meta or not?

In between balancing update, cards always gain strength if Supercell thinks they aren’t used that much and lose strength if they are used too much.

In fact, they just nerf the 10% most used cards and buff the 10% least used cards (direct by improving stats, hit rate etc. or indirect by making hard counters to these cards stronger).

This results that from time to time some cards are extremely strong and also played by many players – good examples are the Elite Barbarians after they got buffed after their initial release or a glitch bug that made the Executioner extremely strong.

Often times, this happens to new Cards and using them will be of advantage to you but upgrading is hard because you start off at the lowest level – and you can be sure that these Meta-Cards (Cards that are the strongest at a specific moment) will get nerfed sooner or later and might become useless to you for months.


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  1. In return, upgrading from Level 3 to Level 4 costs a lot less in Gold and Cards then upgrading from Level 10 to Level 11.

    Wtf is “a lot less.. then upgrading..”

    • If you upgrade a card from level 3 to level 4, it will get the same boost in stats as upgrading it from level 10 to level 11 – but it costs a lot more gold to do that level 11 upgrade.
      If you have the choice between two cards you should upgrade the lower one first if you can’t afford both upgrades…

  2. Thanks! Nice guide.

    A few (hopefully helpful) suggestions:
    -The Use The Shop section needs to be updated to reflect the current pricing model.
    -For those looking for guidance, I think the statistics in the Use the Right Cards section justify a recommendation that players climbing the ladder focus on requesting common cards first. You can just get above the median card level of your arena sooner if you focus on commons.
    -Which leads me to the Lower Upgrade > Higher Upgrades section. While I agree that gold is better spent to upgrade lower level cards in your primary battle deck if you already have the cards, one of the best ways to win at lower arenas is to have a key card that is over-leveled for your arena. So focusing on one card to request and upgrade can be a solid strategy–at least in the short term. It does put your eggs in one basket to potentially be broken by the nerf bat so it can also be a riskier strategy, but people should at least consider this approach while climbing Arenas.

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