How To Install Clash Royale APK the Right Way

clash royale latest APK file download

Many Clashers out there are depending on installing Clash Royale APK directly on their devices (called “sideloading”), so I decided to write this guide to show you how to find the latest Clash Royale APK, install it right and also what you should mind when doing this to not get any malicious stuff on your devices.

Using Clash Royale APK Download

The major part of all Clash Royale players out there are getting Clash Royale from the Google Play Store (including all updates) – this is by far the best and safest way to use it, but there are many players out there who can’t do this.

The reason is because Clash Royale (or the Play Store) is not available for their country or device, so the only way to play Clash Royale is by installing the APK file (which contains the app) directly on their devices.

Risks When Installing APK Files Directly

First of all, if you want to install Clash Royale from an APK file directly on your phone, you have to be aware that there are lots of fake sources out there that can give you malicious APK files that will do a lot of bad stuff to your device and your phone (even get all your contacts or even spy on your passwords).

I have been gathering sources, where you can get the latest APK files and be sure that they are safe to use!

I really don’t recommend you to google them up (especially after a new update has been released), as you don’t know if you can trust the source.

Sometimes you just have to wait a little longer until they are available after a bigger update. In general, they are available within 24 hours.

Latest Clash Royale APK File Sources (Official Game, no hacks or mods)

Please only download Clash Royale APK from save sources – here are some:

  • Clash Royale APK at UpToDown (CLICK HERE)
  • has also the latest version available quick and save (CLICK HERE)

Clash Royale Mod APK & Hack APK With Private Server

There are also some sources offering you modded files on private server that will give you maxed accounts – however, you can only play against other players that also have these maxed accounts (and not against the millions of players playing the official Clash Royale).

These files are often some versions behind the official Clash Royale game, so you won’t be able to play all new features right away.

Please be extra curious about these modded files, because 90%+ of the times there will be some malicious code in there!

  • Here you can find a good one at MOD APK (CLICK HERE)

How To Install Clash Royale APK

Installing it is not that complicated. First of all, you have to enable your device to be able to install apps from “unknown sources” – otherwise, you will get an error.

Step 1: Allow Apps From Unknown Sources

You can do that in your device under Settings -> Security:

install clash royale apk on your phone

This will allow you to install APK files directly that come from somewhere else than the Google Play Store (or any other Android App Store).

Step 2: Download The APK

If this setting is set, you will need to get your APK file ready – I have been posting several sources above where you can download the latest version.

download CR APK

Please download it now.

downloading apk file for clash royale

Step 3: Install The APK

Now that you downloaded it and your device allows you to install apps directly, you just need to go to your download directory and select the Clash Royale APK file you just downloaded and select “install”:

installing clash royale

Update Clash Royale APK to latest version

If you already have an older version of Clash Royale installed, you will see the update notification:

update clash royale apk to latest version

The save way is to choose the option “all” and hit install. There’s no need to uninstall it and the re-install it.

That’s it 🙂


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