Hut Placement Guide

There are several Cards that deploy huts in Clash Royale and they are quite popular (and successful) in certain Arenas. The big question is: where should you place your huts? In this guide, I’d like to show you some different places, which huts work best in what places and also the different situations. You see there is more than just placing them.

Why Is Hut Placement Important?

Not only do your huts spawn troops – Barbarians, Skeletons or Spear Goblins – they also can work as a distraction. The main purpose is, of course, getting as many troops on the battlefield as possible, but you can also use the place of deployment of the hut to your advantage. Here are the things you can do with your huts.

Hut Behind The Crown Tower

If you place your hut behind your Crown Tower, you follow a single purpose – making them hard to destroy and giving them the opportunity to spawn as many troops as possible. This is a very basic way to deploy your huts and also good if you place them there at the beginning of a battle.

Hut In Front Of Your Crown Tower

If you place your hut in front of your Crown Tower, you give your opponent the opportunity to attack them directly with troops and take the risk that they don’t spawn their full amount of troops.

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However, this place has the advantage that you can protect your Crown Tower with it, because attacking troops will always attack the huts first and you have more time to defend.

Distraction With Huts

The classic hut in the middle in front of the Kings Tower. This hut is most vulnerable, but it will lead most attacking troops away from your Crown Towers and make them go a longer path.

P.S.: Never deploy your huts on the enemies side of the map, even not if your go for the Kings Tower. This hut gets destroyed in no time most of the times so you will lose some of your Elixir Advantage!

What Are The Best Places To Deploy Huts?

As we just have looked at the different positions we need to take a look at the different Cards that deploy huts:

  • The Tombstone spawns Skeletons and has only a few hitpoints. Spawns 4 Skeletons when destroyed
  • The Goblin Hut spawns single Spear Goblins and has decent hitpoints (4 times what the Tombstone offers)
  • The Barbarian Hut spawns two Barbarians at once and has massive hitpoints (double the Goblin Huts’ hitpoints)

You probably see now where this is going. Their abilities make them perfect for different places to be used.

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The Tombstone

The Tombstone is perfectly used in front of your Crown Towers. It can soak up impact damage, e.g. from a Prince, and then spawns 4 Skeletons. There is no need to make this hut life forever, because the Skeletons and it’s low hitpoints make it a perfect distraction.

tombstone placement

The Goblin Hut

The Goblin Hut should always survive some time to be worth the Elixir. In the beginning, it’s good to have it behind your Crown Tower to make Goblins spawn and keep your opponent busy on one side.

hut placement

Later in the battle with more huts on the battlefield you might want to have one in front of your Kings Tower to have some additional distraction.

The Barbarian Hut

This hut is very might, because of the high hitpoints plus the double Barbarians that give your opponent some hard thought. I always deploy them right in front of my Kings Tower because the hut can resist some hits and the troops lose their path to my Towers while getting attacked themselves.

arena 4 best deck barbarian hut placement

Most of the times you see some Barbarians spawn in front of the opponent troops, so they won’t reach the Barbarian Hut anyway.


I know the strategy is called “hut-spamming”, but there is more to it than simply placing some huts somewhere on the battlefield. You can use your huts as a tactical element of defending as well.

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