How To Level Up Faster

In Clash Royale the main levelling system is this: you earn experience and level up. It really is that simple. Your level has a pretty big effect because it changes the health and damage of your towers. So this means you want to level up? I will show you how to do this as fast as you can. Keep in mind that if you level up too fast that your opponents will have better cards than you, making it difficult to win.

How To Gain Experience

There are only two ways that you can earn experience:

  1. Donating troops to your Clan
  2. Upgrading your troops once you have enough cards

level up faster clash royale


You should always have a chest that is opening. Do this by opening silver chests during the day and have any chest that takes longer (gold, giant, magical etc.) opening over night. Also, you should try to upgrade all the troops you can. Don’t use the Skeletons? It doesn’t matter, you should upgrade them anyway. If troops start to cost too much (around level 6) then consider not upgrading everything.

You can learn how to maximise your gold here

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You can see from this that the only way to level up quicker than everyone else is to donate troops. When you donate to a clan mate you earn 1 experience for donating a common and 5 experience for donating a rare. Remember you can donate 2 commons every time. This is your main way to rank up.

I am currently at level 7 and I need 1000 experience to get to level 8. This seems like a lot but I am currently gaining 100 experience every day and you can too! Make sure you are in a good clan with lots of people that are happy to donate and request. A good active clan will mean you can rank up in no time.

This was a guest post by Sam Ellison

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