Get More Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

Hereā€™s how you can get more Legendary Cards in Clash Royale.

The internet is full of tricks and guides on how you can get Legendary Cards in Clash Royale, but most of them are not working. If you’re a free2play player, you will struggle to get the Legendary Cards, so I wanted to show you some ways how you can maximize the chances to get a Legendary Card.

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Chances To Get A Legendary Card

Before we start I want to show you how the Legendary Cards are dealt in Clash Royale and the chances where you can get one.

Getting Legendary Cards from chests is pure luck. I’ve gotten 3 Legendary Cards from Free Chests in Arena 7 so far, but haven’t opened more than 500 of them

Mythbuster! I know there are several tutorials out there that say when you open your chests in a certain order, you will get a Legendary Card – this is just non-sense and is not working (even if a few claim it works). Don’t waste your time on this!

So now let’s take a look where we can actually get Legendary Cards from.

Before we start off with how you get the Legendary Cards, here’s a great guide about the best Legendary Cards in Clash Royale here that I can only recommend you to take a look at.

Super Magical & Other Chests

Here are the chances for you to get a Legendary Card from a chest, depending on the Arena you are in.

chests in clash royale


Cards Avg. percentage drop rates for one Legendary
Arena 12 Arena 11 Arena 10 Arena 9 Arena 8 Arena 7
Free Chest 0.22% 0.2% 0.19% 0.17% 0.16% 0.14%
Crown Chest 1.38% 1.28% 1.19% 1.09% 1.0% 0.91%
Silver Chest 0.09% 0.08% 0.08% 0.07% 0.06% 0.06%
Gold Chest 0.48% 0.45% 0.42% 0.38% 0.35% 0.32%
Giant Chest 1.93% 1.79% 1.66% 1.53% 1.4% 1.27%
Magical Chest 13.8% 12.8% 11.9% 10.94% 10% 9.06%
Super Magical Chest 82.25% 76.88% 71.25% 65.63% 60% 54.38%

Please note that these numbers are changing from update to update a little bit, but it gives you a good idea.

You can see that the chances from a Super Magical Chest are the highest, but still NOT a guarantee that you will get one every 2 or 3 of them – I opened like 10 Super Magical Chests and never got one single Legendary Card from it.

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Clan War Season Chest

At the end of every Clan War Season, you get a chest that also has the chances to rewards you with a Legendary Card, depending in the league you finished in.

legendary cards form clan war season odds in clash royale

Bronze League Legendary Odds

  • 5th place finish: 0% chance
  • 4th place finish: 0% chance
  • 3rd place finish: 0% chance
  • 2nd place finish: 0% chance
  • 1st place finish: 10% chance

Silver League Legendary Odds

  • 5th place finish: 0% chance
  • 4th place finish: 0% chance
  • 3rd place finish: 10% chance
  • 2nd place finish: 12.5% chance
  • 1st place finish: 20% chance

Gold League Legendary Odds

  • 5th place finish: 12.5% chance
  • 4th place finish: 12.5% chance
  • 3rd place finish: 20% chance
  • 2nd place finish: 25% chance
  • 1st place finish: 33% chance

Legendary League Legendary Odds

  • 5th place finish: 25% chance
  • 4th place finish: 25% chance
  • 3rd place finish: 33% chance
  • 2nd place finish: 50% chance
  • 1st place finish: 100% chance


Challenge Chests

The chances of getting a Legendary Card are not subject of the amount of cards a chest is holding – there is a thing called “Legendary Factor” that shows the odds that one of the cards inside the chests is a Legendary Card:

  • Free Chest: 4000
  • Crown Chest: 4000
  • Silver Chest: 10,000
  • Gold Chest: 5700
  • Giant Chest: 10,000
  • Magical Chest: 600
  • Super Magical Chest: 600
  • Challenge Chest: 2000

As you can see, Magical & Super Magical Chests have the best chances of all chests to get you a Legendary Card and Silver & Giant Chests offer the worst chances.

You can also see that Challenge Chests offer quite a good chance as well and if you compare the price of a Classic Challenge to a Super Magical Chest, you understand that they are even a better way.

The more wins you can get in a challenge, the higher the odds you will find a Legendary Card in the chest afterwards. Here are the chances (that also change a little bit over time, but not that significantly)

Challenge Wins Chances for a Legendary Card
Grand Challenge Classic Challenge
0 0.53% 0.05%
1 0.79% 0.08%
2 1.32% 0.13%
3 2.25% 0.21%
4 3.44% 0.32%
5 4.90% 0.45%
6 6.62% 0.61%
7 8.74% 0.79%
8 11.12% 1.01%
9 14.03% 1.27%
10 17.74% 1.61%
11 22.76% 2.06%
12 29.12% 2.65%

As you can see this is a great way to get Legendary Cards.

Here’s, by the way a guide, how you can get easier opponents:

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Leagues Draft Chest

If you are above 4,000 Trophies, you’re matched within a League and after the season ending, you get a Draft Chest which has extremely high chances for a Legendary Card (or even 2):

  • Challenger IĀ 29.2% chance of a legendary
  • Challenger IIĀ 44% chance
  • Challenger IIIĀ 58% chance
  • Master IĀ 73% chance
  • Master IIĀ 87% chance
  • Master IIIĀ 100% chance of one legendary, 2% chance of two legendaries
  • ChampionĀ 100% chance of one, 16% chance of two
  • Grand ChampionĀ 100% chance of one, 31% chance of two
  • Ultimate ChampionĀ 100% chance of one, 45% chance of two

draft chest in clash royale

Legendary Chests

There is only one single chest inside the game that will give you a Legendary Card for sure – the Legendary Chest.

However, they are very rare to obtain and there are only two ways how you can get one.

One is when it’s a featured offer in the shop for 500 Gems.

legendary chest offer

And you can also get one to unlock from a regular match, but they don’t come very often:

  • 1 Legendary Chest per chest cycle (in Legendary Arena)
  • 1 Legendary Chest every 2 chest cycles (lower than Legendary Arena)

The chests cycle in a known way and one chest cycle is 241 chests (right now). This number changes a little bit with every update, but you get an idea.

This takes quite long, because you will not only have to play & win the 241 (or 482 in case you’re not in Arena 9) matches, you will also have to obtain the chests for it and unlock it.

I think you can easily check for yourself how many chests you unlock per day.

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Buy from the Shop

If you’re in Hog Mountain Arena or higher, you will see a Legendary Card in the shop every once in a while for 40,000 Gold. The nice thing is that you can choose the Card, but doing more than simply unlocking it is too expensive because the second card will already cost you 80,000 Gold.

Remember, this is only when you’re in Legendary Arena!

Best Ways To Get More Legendary Cards

I think you’re a player that can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars to get a Legendary Card, so here’s what you can do to at least max out your chances.

Tip #1

Tip #2

Tip #3

Tip #4

legendary card from challenge chest in clash royale

Best Way!

They are quite cheap as you get enough free gems every day to do 2 classic challenges and you don’t have to wait until the chest unlocks!

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There are no hacks or glitches or tricks to get Legendary Cards in Clash Royale, but you can raise your chances a lot if you follow the 4 tips I gave you above.


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  1. i got my first legendary now in arena 10 hog mountain and it is sparky i have 40000 gold waiting for a legendary to come in shop and i got it from magical chest

  2. My story is different. Although I got my first legendary Too Late (Arena 7), which is GRAVEYARD (Not That Good And Not That Bad), I got it from a silver chest. Which means that there is some probability of getting a legendary card even from a silver chest (DON’T LOSE HOPE!!!) (This Incident Surprised Me Too).šŸ˜…

  3. I am lvl 9 in arena 8. I have a graveyard that I got for free when it was just introduced to the game, and I have a level 2 inferno dragon. I got an inferno dragon from a Magical Chest, and the second one from a free chest. I am F2P. I need more legendaries. I see legendary chests in the shop and I’m still saving gems for it.

  4. im in exp lvl 9 and just entered arena 7 and got a princess in my first legendary chest and i hate it i wanted an electro wizard

  5. Thanks for your advice…
    It had really helped me a lot…..
    I just got a legendary chest by buying it for 500 gems…..
    Your 2nd tip did really work…..
    Thanks a lot……

  6. I am too crazy now I only have 1 legendary and it is also a boring legendary. Now I am in arena 7 and my level is 8. I really need at least one legendary so supercell give me one legendary card.

    • Upgrading Legendaries is a huge pain so don’t think that they will bring you to the stars – I know people who pushed to Legendary Arena without any Legendary at all

  7. this game Is trash I am a lvl10 player and I Only have 3 legendary And the most trash ones Including Sparky And Lumberjack and That Skeleton spell If it is by luck why wouldn’t they give me a good one I see lvl 7 player having many good legendaries but they haven’t spent money even

  8. I’m a free to play player and idk why people always say its gonna be hard to getting legendary I have them all and I wasted 0$. So idk how’s thats impossibles to get free legndarys

  9. i got
    ice wizard (legendry chest)
    log(super magical,clan,magical)
    night witch(40,000 coins,500 gems)
    electro wiz(40,000 coins)
    lava(9 wins challage for legendry chest)

  10. I also thought I would get legendary and will reach atleast 4000+ trophies but best way to push trophies is stick with a dekh and level up those cards in your deck and as soon as u reach 4000+ you will get a legendary every month in draft chest

  11. I only have two legendaries but i want more. My friend got 6 legedaries out of random chests one of them being a magical chest. I am a batter player than him but still i do not have more legendaires. What the heck should i do . I am currently in Jungle arena.

  12. My every opponent has at least one legendary but I’m not having any.I just feel angry and frustrated.

    • Legendaries aren#t that powerful, also you have a hard time leveling them up so don’t be frustrated – you can also climb very high without legendaries

  13. i am arena 8 and im got 3 legendary: princess from crown chest, ice wizard from heal spell challenge(5 wins) and 2 logs from legendary chest and from clan chest

  14. i am in arena 9 and have just two legendaries thats log from crown chest and lavahound from heal spell challenge, i got a legendary chest again but got lava again. i cant really collect gems i just wanna spend them

  15. I hadn’t got any legendary for two months so i thought i will never get one. Even i left playing clash royale but then today i played and got a legendary chest

  16. I disagree with Tip #2. 20 gems a day is a huge stretch. Free chest every 4 hours equals 6 free chests a day. Let’s they ALL contained gems and each chest contained 3 (max per chest I believe), that is 18. The chances of that happening though are very slim.

    • I also had a period when I got 3 legendaries from free chests within like 2 weeks but then nothing for months…

  17. I got two legendary from clan chest and one legendary from free chest I got legendary the log from clan chest tier5 and graveyard from clan chest tier 10 and got sparky from free were chest

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