How to get Clash Royale Gems In All Countries

I’m sure that any Clash Royale player sooner or later got to the point to search the internet for a way to get free Gems without spending money. The problem is there are many fake services out there that will either scam you, get you on malicious email lists that will spam your or even endanger your Clash Royale account to get banned.

Nobody wants that!

The good news! There is a way that will let you earn free Gem.

  • You don’t need a Credit Card or a PayPal account
  • No matter in which country you live (USA, Europe, India, Indonesia, etc.) – this works for everyone
  • No email address or any other personal data needed
  • 100% Working and compliant with Clash of Clans – no need to fear a ban


Look here, that’s what I just made in the past 30 days (these are the actual screenshot of my accounts):

earning gems in clash royale easily


*of course this would also work for Google Play Gift Cards, but I use iTunes

In total, that’s more than $200 worth of gift cards that I used to buy 28,000 Gems with – without spending one single dollar of my own in just one month!

Are you ready? I will now show you step-by-step how it works. This whole thing works smooth – I will show you some apps that you need to install (which are free and you can delete them after a couple of minutes again) and you will earn credits for that.

Before you start! (Important!)

The first step before you can start earning free Gems from any country in the world is to sign up for the right tools.

Please make sure to download 1 app at each of them before you continue with this guide. If you’re already signed up at one of them, simply skip the step and get the other ones.

Step 1: Get AppBounty (HERE)

appbounty free gems for clash royale

I’m using AppBounty since 2014 myself and got a lot of giftcards from it (as you have seen above). Simply check back daily for new offers and often they also give away points every day or give you a booster with 15% extra points.

You don’t need anything to sign up (no email or anything else) – simply CLICK HERE to get AppBounty and download at least 1 app.

Step 2: Get FreeMyApps (HERE)

freemyapps great way for gems in clash royale

If you’re using Android, this is probably your best choice to get. Bottom line I recommend using all of them because often some of them offer free apps to gain points that the others don’t.

Attention! Don’t be confused that you only see USD giftcards there, I will explain below how you can use them, no matter in what country you’re living 🙂

CLICK HERE to get FreeMyApps (and also get 200 extra points after you downloaded your first app!)

Step 3: Get CashForApps (HERE)

The 3rd and last tool I recommend is CashForApps. They are able to offer you a lot of free apps you can use to gain points, they also offer the $5 giftcards that are easier to get.

CLICK HERE to get CashForApps.


If you got set up with all 3 of them, you’re ready to continue. I really recommend you to use AppBounty, FreeMyApps and CashForApps at the same time! Often times you will see a offer getting more points on one of them or also offers that you don’t see on the other ones.

I spend like 10 minutes a day doing all of them and get 3-4 giftcards per week easily.

Now that you have done this, you can continue earning points & coins with these apps. The reason I recommend using all of them is that each of them has app offers that the others don’t offer plus sometimes the same app rewards a higher value on one of these three services.

If you have enough of these credits, you can turn them into a real Gift Card for iTunes or Google Play and then buy your gems with it – you see, this is why they are leagal and working, you’re actually buying the gems from the shop, but you don’t need money or a Credit Card to do that.

Getting LEGAL free Gems for Clash Royale works like this:

  1. Use ClashForAppsFreeMyApps or AppBounty to get points when you download free apps
  2. When you have enough points, they will reward you a gift cards for Google Play or iTunes
  3. Now you can redeem these gift card and buy gems in Clash of Clans – no hacks, no cheats and zero chance that you will get banned for this

Attention! Don’t stop reading here because your country doesn’t offer gift cards for iTunes or Google Play! I will show you below how you can still use them!

You can just choose any of these services and earn your free gems.

How to use Google Play Store Gift Cards all over the world

Here’s how it works – let’s say I buy a gift card in Australia in Australian Dollar and go back home to Germany I can’t redeem it because my currency is Euro. Now there is something I can do to use it: I just change my Google Wallets Home address to somewhere in Australia and then I have the currency Australian Dollar active for the Play Store, no matter on which place on the world I’m currently staying. Now I can redeem the gift card code from Australia and buy myself some gems with it and afterwards I can switch the Home Address back.

Step 1: Change Google Wallet Home Address:

Here’s the article from Google about changing the address (see here the Original Page from Google):


Just enter a valid address and save it.

You can find that out by simply using Google Maps to get a valid address somewhere in the US

Step 2: Redeem the gift card code

After you switched the Home Location you will now go into Clash Royale and you will see that if you go on “Buy Gems” you will see them in the currency of your home address (which will be US Dollar if you have chosen some address within the United States):

clash royale gems worldwide

Step 3: Buy the free gems

You have redeemed the gift card so you have the balance on your Account so nothing can hold you back from buying those Gems now. You can now directly spend them or save them

Step 4: Change back the Google Wallet Home Address

After you have the Gems on your account you can switch back the address. Sometimes it takes some time until the gems are placed in your account so I recommend you to wait until you have them before you switch back. I don’t know if it would also work if they haven’t been placed in your account and I don’t want to find out – keep it save.

I hope this helps you out in case you don’t own a credit card or you live within a country without Google Play Gift Cards in your home currency.

How to use iTunes Gift Cards all over the world

Pretty much the same as Google Play – to switch to the US store you have to go to the AppStore App and then “View AppleID”. There you can change your home address to USA (and enter a state of your choice)

I recommend you to use California, because they don’t have taxes on digital purchases, which means you can actually buy 1200 gems for 9.99 USD without some taxes being added.

Mind that you have to get your balance to 0 – if you have a very small amount on it spend it or write the Apple Support to remove it from your account. From now on you can use US-Dollar giftcards. Switching back works the exact same way.


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  1. I have a probpem ur saying that download cash for apps to get free gems in ur countries u would get tons of offers but in india maximum 5-6 offers qnd when we comppete it no new offfers are coming what to do that means its fake dont show us fake trick

    • Why is it fake? You see the offers right? You can use it right? If your country is not showing that many offers doesn’t mean it’s fake….

  2. I downloaded both app bounty and free my apps but in both there is no download&play offer…,how can I solve this problem…..please help me beceause I want more free gems for clash royale

  3. New Hampshire is a state with no sales tax, no income tax, no digital taxes! Most likely much safer than California to use as an address because CA is always changing it’s laws. Our motto is “live free or die” and people here defend their tax free status to the point where it seems crazy. (Property taxes are extremely high to compensate as are fees for services)

    Some of the big cities here are Portsmouth, Manchester, Nashua, Keene and Hanover, NH. Well, big cities or college towns. Can you tell we were one of the 13 colonies from all our copycat British names?

  4. free my apps asks me to sign in with facebook and also AppBounty, but i don’t have Facebook account, can u tell me another way to login

  5. I admire this article for the well-researched content and excellent wording. I got so involved in this material that I couldn’t stop reading. I am impressed with your work and skill. Thank you so much.

  6. 1_appbounty…. I downloaded it and the download section inside it was empty
    2_freemyapps… I Downloaded igg’s game castle clash… Started playing it but application won’t recognize it and didn’t give me any points.
    3_cashforapps… Empty as well no downloads 👎👎
    P.S i can send u screenshots

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