Faster Trophy Pushing

fast trophy pushing

At the beginning when Clash Royale was released most opponents were either not smart enough to play this game or they lacked in knowledge and experience, so pushing Trophies was easy and fast. In the past weeks more and more opponents are smart and it gets harder to win against them. I started changing my own mindset when pushing Trophies lately and it works – I’m more relaxed when playing and also have lost less battles. Here’s what I do.

Earning More Trophies With The Right Mind

I have gathered some things I do now and how it helps me earning my trophies faster.

Know Your Deck

You need to know your Deck – everytime I start using a new Deck or even change around a little bit I have at least 20 battles that go up and down. The longer you play your favorite Deck you feel comfortable with the better you play it – you just don’t make mistakes with it and you know exactly how to outplay and counter with your Cards.

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Another great positive effect is that your favorite Deck gives you a lot of confidence – you wouldn’t believe how much this can help you, even if you don’t recognise it. Remember how many wins you had with that Deck and the cases where you got crushed have been, most likely, out of mistakes you made and not your Deck being weak or vulnerable.

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New Arena Hickups

If reaching a new Arena, I always have a little bit more respect for my opponents than in the lower Arena – that sometimes keeps me from bringing my own A-Game. Infact these opponents are the same you played against in the lower Arena and the only new thing are some other Cards (you will learn to handle fast) and a new graphical setting.

Try to not set yourself under too much pressure – if you lose you go down in the Arena and you will go up after the next victory 🙂 That doesn’t cost you anything at all.

anti hut spammer gameplay trophy

Higher Level Opponent

I often see opponents doing the crying-emoticon when they are a level lower than I am. What I also recognise is that opponents with a lower level NEVER actively play the match and always wait and defend.

That’s because they are scared.

Don’t be scared of a higher level opponent! Why should you? His Towers have a little more damage and hitpoints, but that’s all. If he would be so much stronger, he would play in a higher Arena.

You can assume he is probebly a worse player than you because you progressed at a lower level 😉


The main thing I changed lately are my expectations. Of course we all want to win and we go for the win – but that doesn’t mean suicide or nothing!

I’ve been always going into a fight and trying to win at all costs – and often this costed me the victory because I pushed too hard and wanted the victory too much.

I started looking at my opponent and how he plays – some tend to have a very good style and strong Deck and at some points I’d rather make a match a draw than risk being defeated.

Especially for pushing Trophies this will help you because you don’t lose anything in a draw, expect the 3-4 minutes of your life, which was enjoable and not really a waste. You don’t have to pay for a match so why risking a loss instead of making a solid draw and hope that the next opponent will be someone you can win against?

I have a lot of draws now and not so many victories, but my trophy count rises much faster because I don’t lose that much anymore (maybe 1 out of 10 matches).


What? No startegy or tactic, just mindset? Well, your mindset is very important and I also had moments when I didn’t want to play because I was afraid of losing. With my new mindset I enjoy playing, even if I have a couple of draws in between – I know I will hit an opponent I have my victory against very soon.

Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison

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