Executioner Strategy Guide & Decks

The Executioner unlocks at the Jungle Arena and is an epic Card that costs 5 Elixir – you might say “oh no, not another ranged splash damage unit, but the Executioner is a lot more than that! He’s probably the perfect splash damage dealing card in Clash Royale. In this guide, I want to give you some advice what you should mind when using the Executioner and how you can use him most effectively.

Executioner Countering

The Executioner has medium hitpoints and deals solid damage, but unlike other splash damage dealers, he (or his ax) deals damage twice. He throws his ax and it will deal also damage on its way back – slicing through everything like a hot knife through a piece of butter.

The Executioner is a great support for pushing and also for defending.

Before we come to this, have a look at the current stats of the Executioner:

executioner stats in clash royale

I admit, by looking at his stats you won’t recognize anything special except the x2 damage.

The hit speed is misleading by the way – he will throw his ax every 2.4 seconds, but the ax will then deal damage for 1.5 seconds – the effective attack speed would be 0.9 seconds

The secret portion of the Executioner are not his main stats; it’s more his battle dynamic and how he deals the damage.

executioner versus wizard splash damage radius


As you can see, other ranged splash damage dealers like the Wizard just hit the first target and then there is splash damage dealt. The Executioner throws hs ax and it goes through the whole range and deals splash damage the whole time – to ground and air units.

This makes him a lot more effective against larger groups or also against fast moving units as well when they just walk into the axes’ radius on its way back.

Do you know the situation when a Wizard is surrounded and gets killed? Well, the Executioner will also deal damage on his back in a small radius – so he’s perfect to be placed within groups of low hitpoint units.

Countering With The Executioner

The Executioner is a great option to defend on your side and then turn into a counter attack. His fairly high hitpoints will make him last long enough to take some hits and his long range keeps many units in the distance.

You can get a lot of value from the 5 Elixir he costs.

executioner counters infographic

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He will help:

  • taking down groups like Minion Horde or Skeleton Army
  • resets targeting with his hit. If something get hit by his ax, it will re-target the closest unit. There won’t be a stun effect or hard reset like the Zap does, but you can get a tower or defense to target a tank.

Executioner & PEKKA Deck

Depending on your current deck, you can fit the Executioner in. You can fit him in any deck, but the 5 Elixir he costs can make your deck less attractive. If you already use a Wizard or the Electro Wizard, the Executioner can be an easy substitution.

Here are some decks that I enjoyed using so far.

executioner deck with pekka in clash royale

This deck is extremely dangerous for your opponent, since you are able to get the PEKKA through to the Arena Tower in most cases with the help of the Executioner.

Just play the PEKKA in the back of your Kings Tower and by the time it reaches the bridge you have regained enough Elixir to drop the Executioner behind her.

There are no strong counters instead of kiting against this push, since the PEKKA will hit all single units into pieces with one hit and the Executioner will kill all swarm troops.

Executioner & Miner Deck

This deck is devestating for your opponent because you will chip away damage all the time from his tower.

executioner and miner deck

You will use your Executioner, Mega Minion, Archers and the Cannon defensively. If you want to, you can switch out the Log and add in Valkyrie or Fire Spirits – the Executioner is basically a Log himself anyway.

Always try to cycle through to use the Miner and play the Rocket against the Tower.

Often times your opponent will deploy something behind the tower, so you can get damage on the tower plus on his unit as well for great value.

Executioner & Tornado Deck

The perfect marriage is the combination of the Executioner with the Tornado.

tornado executioner deck

This will draw together all units into the Executioner ax for extra great damage.

If you don’t have the Electro Wizard, you can also switch in an Ice Wizard or Valkyrie for splash damage.

Always try to make Ice Golem and Hog Rider pushes and support that with Fireball or Tornado. Having these two spells in your deck will make you immune to baiting and gives you perfect possibilities to defend.

Executioner Deployment Tips

Now let’s have a look at the deployment. I always like to tell everyone that deployment is one of the key skills in Clash Royale and the time and place where you play a card can make such a huge difference!

The Executioners’ ax is always flying straight, so make sure to not place him in the center of units (unless it’s something like Goblins, Skeleton Army or any other low hitpoint units).

His ax should always hit the tank and the units behind the tank as well.

executioner placement in clash royale


The Executioner is a great card and will help you defend a lot when you know how to play him right. Mind the hints that I wrote above and you will see some nice results very fast.

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