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Elite Barbarians Release NOV 25th

The relaese of the Elite Barbarians is just around the corner and this card will be avalaible as a common card to almost all of us. Let’s have a look what they can.

Elite Barbarians Stats & Gameplay

First of all, let’s have a look at the stats and compare them to the regular Barbarians we already have since the launch of the game a couple month ago. Here are the stats for the maxed out ones:elite barbarian stats versus barbarians

You can see there are several differences:

  1. Elite Barbarians only spawn 2 units
  2. They are 1 Elixir more expensive than the regular barbarians
  3. They move a lot faster than Barbarians
  4. Elite Barbarians have more HP and DPS per unit (but not in total because Barbarians are twice as many)

Those are the key facts and the big question is – are they a good alternative to the Barbarians, are they better or maybe a good addition?

When we take a look at their movement speed, there is probably the most value because they will reach their target twice as fast. That’s less time to react and counter for your opponent.

One of the best ways to use Barbarians is to stop single target units, even with a lot hitpoints. Here’s what happens if they target an attacking Golem at the same time and this surprises me a little bit.

elite barbarians on defense

They seem to even get the Golem down faster – because they reach it faster and start dealing damage sooner.

In the end this is not a real battle situation, but they seem to work the same as regular Barbarians.

Their only weakness, compared to Barbarians, is that they are vulnerable against larger group of troops like a Skeleton Army.

What I like most about them is that they are great to counter push, especially when your opponent just invested a lot of Elixir to place an expensive troop in the back, like Golem or lava Hound.

They will reach the tower and take it down while your opponent has nothing to counter them efficiently.

With their extra hitpoints, they can also survive Fireballs and Log/Zap combinations way better than regular Barbarians.

Bottom line I’m really thrilled to try them out tomorrow!


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