Double Lane Pushing

Double lane pushing is a more advanced technique that is very useful. I started doing this a couple weeks ago and now do it almost in every battle I’m in. It’s hard to tell how much my win ratio improved by using it, but I can tell you that it will help you a lot.

Double lane pushing helps:

  • Dealing with very strong/expensive Cards
  • Forces your opponent to react. You will play the game while he won’t make first moves again
  • Makes it very difficult for your opponent to foresee your next steps

An an addition thing is that it makes a lot of fun when you started doing this a couple of times.

Pushing on both lanes

I stared with this when I faced one situation quite often – my opponent and I got into a fight on one side and neither of us won because our cards always neutralized.

That was frustrating, so I thought I want to play a move that makes the battle more open and let me dominate my opponent.

The strategy basically depends on having a deck with two cards you can push with. All you need to do is to force your opponent to defend a push on one side.

As soon as his Elixir is low, you play a fast push on the other lane (Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel, etc. work great on this).

You opponent doesn’t often see this coming, so he spend most of his Elixir to defend on one lane. Here’s what now happens:

  • He either starts defending on the other lane if he has the Elixir and the cards, so you can push harder on your first lane
  • He has to watch how his other lane is defenseless

In either way, you will be able to take away some solid hitpoits from his Arena Towers plus you can deal easily with his leftover units.

Here’s an example from a fight I recently had:double lane pushpushing on both lanes


The result is pretty sweet because he can only defend on one lane – otherwise he could focus his defense on one lane.

Now I can start over again, also mixed up sometimes. He will play defensive now, but in the best case he will only damage one of my towers and be forced to play that one lane while I can easily throw in a Hog Rider or something like that on the other lane while defending.

You force him to now play ultra defensively, so you will either have a draw or a victory in 90% of the cases.

Also, if you think another step ahead and he is able to get one of your Towers – you will have an easier hit on his second Tower because he already lost some hitpoints there.

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Pushing both lanes is perfect, because your opponent is forced to focus on both of his towers at the same time – the chances that he makes bad Elixir trades or mistakes are getting higher because he can’t play with that much comfort anymore.

Often, when you hit on one Arena Tower and got it down to 50%, you often forced to focus on that very Tower – and your opponent knows that, so he can focus on defending that Tower.attacking both tower in clash royale

I hate it when my opponent know what I’m doing as it gives me the feeling that he is ahead one step of me.

With pushing both lanes at the same time, you will end up in the second half of the game with both his towers having lost some health – so it doesn’t matter which one you take.

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Countering Strong Cards

This technique is perfect to counter very strong cards like Sparky, PEKKA etc. because they are all very slow.

When you see your opponent deploys such a card, often behind his King Tower, you can perform a push on the other lane.

This forces him to defend while he is still on low Elixir. Now you either took all his supportive card power with your push or even damages his Tower seriously.

pekka deployment counter

His strong card will arrive alone and can easily be defended.

Overwhelming Your Opponent

In many cases I have seen that opponents are just not able to play the game on both lanes. They simply deploy some cards and often make mistakes.

The more mistakes they make, the more likely you will win the whole match.


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