Defensive Troop Placement in Clash Royale

Defending is the most important part of winning battles in Clash Royale. Just playing the right Cards doesn’t mean you’re defending in the best possible way, simply because if you deploy them in the wrong place you can lose a lot of potential. So in this post I want to show you how you can play your defending Cards better.

Defending Card Placement

Successful defending always contains of three different parts:

  1. Playing the right Cards for effective Elixir trading (gaining Elixir advantage)
  2. Playing Cards at the right time
  3. Playing Cards in the right spot

For the first part I have already written a guide not long ago:

Read It!
Gain Elixir Advantage

The other two parts are now in this guide right here.

Best Deployment Spots

Clash Royale is a game that is very flexible; that’s what happens if two human players will battle live against each other, so the situations that can occur during a battle are always endless. That’s hard to make the post, but I think I can always break down the “classic” situations that happen a lot.

I think the best way to show you how important troop deployment spots are is by showing you two bad examples.

Example No. 1:

VAlkyrie against barbarians

Example No. 2:

baby dragon versus minions defending

These two examples show how bad you can defend by deploying them at the very wrong point. That doesn’t necessarily mean these Cards are bad to defend against these troops, but the deployment spot is simply horrible because you make your troop run into the biggest strength of the attacking units.

Defending Better

Alright, we just watched how to not do it, but now let’s be more productive and check out some situations and considerations you should do before placing your troops on your battlefield.

Ranged Splash Troops

Ranged splash damage troops like the Dragon or Wizard always wipe out groups of troops in seconds. If you have a Card you can play like the Musketeer etc., you are lucky. But if you only have something like a Minion Horder or Barbarians available you can also play them intelligently.

defending against wizard with barbarians

Always deploy them AROUND it, or better said deploy them on the very same point. The ranged splash damage only hit in one direction and in the meantime the other troops can deal some damage.

If you only have Cards like Archers or Spear Goblins, you have to wait until these troops lock on something else and then deploy them behind them. Otherwise you just wasted your Elixir because they will die before they even dealt any damage.

Melee Splash

Dealing with a Melee splash damage troop is the opposite. When you play versus a Valkyrie or a Dark Prince and you only have something like Barbarians in your Deck available, you need to place them in front of them, never around them.

This will minimize the splash damage they deal and your troops can deal some more damage.

High Damage & Hitpoint Troops – Buy Some Time

Is there a Prince or a PEKKA running towards your Tower and you’re low on Elixir? Bad situation and most Cards you can play will get taken down very fast.

defense pekka defending

The only thing you can do is luring them away from your Crown Tower. This will buy you some time and your Tower can also deal additional damage to them.

Make Your Towers Help You

Speaking of Towers, you should always try to get the troops on your side of the battlefield so your Crown Towers or King Tower will also deal damage.

troop deployment while defending

A very classic move I see often is when Barbarians run towards your side, so deploy your Cards behind your Tower. They always have to take a longer way than the opponents’ troops so your Crown Tower will help you defending.


Of course, I can’t show all situations so I made some examples that hopefully help you defending better. The most important one is that you always want your own Crown Tower to help you, to lure strong troops away and of course how to handle splash damage dealing troops.

Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison

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