Defense & Spawner Placement in Clash Royale

Static Defenses are strong Cards in Clash Royale, and even since their lifetime got reduced in several balancing changes, they are still very effective – they often have a lot of hitpoints and distract attacking troops from your Towers. Many Decks feature them and in this post, I want to show you how you can play a defense more effectively by choosing the right spot for them.

Where To Place Defenses & Spawners?

Since defenses are static, they will always remain in the very spot where you deploy them – this means you need to choose the spot carefully.

First of all, I’d like to talk about the difference between a defense and a spawner as this does have a huge impact on where you place it.

Defenses in Clash Royale:

  • Cannon
  • Bomb Tower
  • Inferno Tower
  • Hidden Tesla
  • Mortar
  • X-Bow

Spawners in Clash Royale:

  • Furnace
  • Barbarian Hut
  • Goblin Hut
  • Tombstone
  • Elixir Collector

You might ask why this is a difference? Well, simply check out this:

the bandit against spawners and defenses

The Bandit will attack the Spawner right across the river while she will walk around when it’s a defense.

The reason for this is the sight range of units and the hitbox.

Sight Range

Before we get deeper into details, I need to show you how the whole mechanic behind this works.

Every unit has an attack range and a sight range. The attack range is the range from what distance it can hit the target and the sight range is how far a unit “can see”.

The sight range is a stat that is not printed in the card info, but units have different ones.

A unit (like a Hog Rider) will target the Arena Tower automatically. When the Hog is 5 tiles away from the Arena Tower and another building is placed 4 tiles away from the Hog, the Hog will go after the building as it’s closer to him.

This determines what target a unit will hit next and the main part of this guide – it will show you how you need to place a building in order to distract a building targeting unit like Hog Rider, Giant, Golem, Balloon, Battle Ram, etc.

Important! The sight range is not the distance how far they can actually deal damage!

The sight ranges are:

  • 5.5 Tiles: Lava Hound, Battle Ram
  • 7 Tiles: Golem
  • 7.5 Tiles: Giant, Royal Giant
  • 7.7 Tiles: Balloon
  • 9.5 Tiles: Hog Rider

As you can see, not all of them have the same sight range – and this means there’s not one place to distract them all.


The hitbox is basically how large a unit or building is. We’ve always been talking in “tiles” so far, but when you look at the battles you will see that a Golem is a lot bigger than an Archer.

All units and buildings have different hitboxes – normally, you would think that a static building has exactly the hitbox of the area where it’s placed on, but that’s not true.

A spawner (including Elixir Collector) have a slightly larger hitbox than the area they are placed on.

This is important for the next part of this guide when we take a look at the positions where to place spawners and defenses.

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Best Building Positions

Now that you have learned everything about the mechanics, it’s time to transfer it into some practical help for your battles. My goal was it to give you the positions that will help you dealing with building-targeting units.

The Different Positions

You might have heard the terms “3-2”, “4-3” etc. so far. They describe the location where to place a building in perspective from the lane you get attacked from.

building placement position clash royale

Again, there’s not one that fits all but depending on what your opponent plays; there’s always one position that got you covered.

Building Placement (Pro-Active)

These placements are only working if the attacking unit hasn’t crossed the river over the bridge! If the unit already crossed the bridge, you will always have to place the building closer to the unit than the distance of your Arena Tower to the unit is.

sight range defending hog rider

Remember, the unit will always go after the shortest distance!

So the first number always tells you how far it’s away from the river and the second one how far it’s away from the Arena Tower you want to defend (respectively from where the opponents push is coming from).

Why not the closest distance?

The easy way would be to place the building at the closest position to cover all, but you want to lure the building targeting unit away from your Arena Tower!

The larger this distance is, the longer the unit takes and will get more damage before dealing damage to your Arena Tower.

The 4-3 Placement

This is the most popular position and also offers the advantage, that it will pull the building targeting units away from the Tower, lure them into the range of the other Arena Tower and supportive units will ignore it and can be taken out separately.

4-3 placement inferno tower in clash royale game

You can use this against:

  • Giant
  • Golem
  • Balloon
  • Hog Rider

Not working against:

  • Battle Ram
  • Lava Hound*
  • Royal Giant**

*It won’t pull the Lava Hound, but with the Inferno Tower it will target the Lava Hound

**The Royale Giant is actually targeting the Inferno Tower, but outranges him – this means he can shoot down the Inferno Tower without getting target by the Inferno Tower or the Arena Tower – you can use this placement only

The 3-2 Placement

This placement is closer to the river and closer to your Arena Tower, but it will also pull units with a shorter sight range and help taking out the Royal Giant.

3-2 placement royal giant

You can use this against:

  • Giant*
  • Golem*
  • Balloon
  • Hog Rider*
  • Battle Ram
  • Lava Hound
  • Royal Giant

As you can see, this will work against all of them, but it’s not the best position against Giant, Golem or Hog Rider, because the distance they have to travel is lower than with the 4-3 placement.

The 4-1 Placement

Air units will ignore the bridge as they can cross the river without having to use the bridge – that’s why they often get placed on the very outside of the map.

clash royale building placement against air troops

In this case you will have to also adapt your placement of the building.

The “3 Tiles Rule”

If you’re defending against a Hog Rider and you know your opponent plays the Hog Rider, always place your defense 3 tiles away from the river – this forces the Hog Rider to attack the defense first – there is no way to avoid that!

3 tiles distance defending against hog rider

The Other Placements

The other placements are only the ones you play in the game when the units of your opponent already crossed the river, and you need a shorter distance.


The reason I wrote this was seeing a lot of random defense placements in many matches and replays. You should always keep in mind that a static defense needs a good spot to do its job the best way.

Always check out what cards your opponent plays and then you can either use the 4-3. 3-2 or 4-1 placement.

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