Defense Placement in Clash Royale

defense placement guide in clash royale

Static Defenses are strong Cards in Clash Royale and even since their lifetime got reduced in the last balancing, they are still very effective – they often have a lot of hitpoints and distract attacking troops from your Towers. Many Decks feature them and in this post, I want to show you how you can play a defense more effectively by choosing the right spot for them.

Where To Place Defenses?

Since defenses are static, they will always remain in the very spot where you deploy them – this means you need to choose the spot carefully.

The Opening Spot

When you have a defense in your Deck and get it in the beginning you will always play it to protect both of your Crown Towers. The only spot to play it is in line with your Kings Tower so the defense will target both paths to your Crown Towers

opening with a defense

This is the obvious spot. Don’t place it too close to the river because otherwise longer range troops may be able to shot at it from the other side. Most of the time someone places a troop to draw the defenses attention and then let other troops target it.

Using Defenses To Distract

In many cases you want to use your defense to take damage instead of your Tower. You have to mind that a troop will only switch target if they get also attacked be the defense. In that case, you should place the defense a little more on the side you want to protect.

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defending with a defense in clash royale

Last Minute Help

You can also use your defense in case a troop already started dealing damage to your Tower – you only need to place the defense right in front of the Tower.

defense placement

Keep in mind that this doesn’t work against a Giant or Hog Rider, because once they locked on to your Tower and started dealing damage to it you won’t be able to make them attack another target!

The “3 Tiles Rule”

If you’re defending against a Hog Rider and you know your opponent plays the Hog Rider, always place your defense 3 tiles away from the river – this forces the Hog Rider to attack the defense first – there is no way to avoid that!

3 tiles distance defending against hog rider

On the Enemy Side

I often see people placing defenses on the other side when they go for the Kings Tower after they already destroyed a Crown Tower. This a bad idea most of the time because you will leave your side pretty defenseless and open the door for your opponent to make a comeback.

In general, I can say that it’s useless and you should always place your defenses on your side! Let your troops to the attacking and your defenses to the defending.


The reason I wrote this was seeing a lot of random defense placements in many matches and replays. You should always keep in mind that a static defense needs a good spot to do it’s job the best way.

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Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison

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