Defending Tip for Clash Royale

I’m sure you know the saying “Offense wins games, Defense wins Championships”? In Clash Royale, this is working in kind of the same way. Your defensive skills and performance is the foundation of your victory and if you compare a match in Clash Royale with a sport, I would say it’s very likely judo where you turn the strength of your opponent against himself. In this guide, I want to show you why defending is so important and also some things that will help you make a better defense.

Why Defending in Clash Royale?

I see so many opponents pushing like crazy in matches but still lose in the end to a strong counter-push.

The thing is that if you’re defending, you always react in what your opponent is doing. This gives you an advantage as you can see what he’s doing and you can always choose what you will do against it – it’s up to you to make a situation result in a positive way or not.

When you do that a couple of times, you will build up an elixir advantage – so that’s basically you sitting on full Elixir and your opponent having no Elixir.

That’s the time when you can crush his side of the map while he has only a few things to react and most of the times no chance to defend.

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Gain Elixir Advantage

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get active or you should always wait and react on your opponent, but in most cases, it’s much easier to let him attack, defend with positive elixir trades and then turn your defending cards along with some supports against him.

Playing super aggressive may work against some opponents, but in the long run, you’ll not be able to beat more opponents than the times you got beaten by them who are patient.

Playing on your side of the map

I know that it seems to be a little bit scary to play the most time of the match on your side of the map, but after a few times, you will get more confident about it.

You also have the support of your tower on your side that will also help you out and as long as you stay calm and defend properly there’s not much that can happen to you.

Another advantage is that your opponent will reveal most of his deck after a little while and you can hold back and hide your strong offense cards until you use them.

If you don’t feel confident about defending on your side of the map, start some Classic Challenges and just practise defending. Don’t attack or make a first move, just react on what your opponents do.

Defending Techniques

Here are some things that will help you defend, I constantly see people making these mistakes.

Stopping a tank & ranged damage dealer

A very common situation is that someone has a tank (Ice Golem, Giant, etc.) and some Spear Goblins/Archers whatever behind it coming over the bridge.

defending against tanks

Here’s a classic situation.

Now I often see people deploying their defensive card in front to get the tank down fast.

A big mistake! When you’re defending card hammers on the tank, it will take some time and the Archers behind will deal constant damage.

The tank is not the main problem, it doesn’t deal the big portion of the damage.

You will have to wait until the damage dealing troops (in this case the Archers) have crossed the bridge and then deploy your defending card (in this case a Knight) behind them to make sure it will attack the Archers.

defending against pushes in clash royale

You made a positive Elixir trade and maybe your Knight might hit the opponent tower.

With enough Elixir left you can now choose to support the Knight with some cards as well and make a counter-push.

Deployment Timing

I often see kind of panic-deployments when a stronger push or a very strong card is coming at your tower. Often people deploy their defending cards right in the middle of the pushes and while their deployment time is running, the push is already taking them down – congratulations, if your objective was wasting Elixir.

Always be aware that your cards have a deployment time – within that time (when the clock is over their head), they can get attacked but nor deal damage themselves.clash royale failed pull

The only situation where you can do it is when you have a tank that should soak up damage from your tower like a Giant, Golem or Lava Hound to prevent getting too much damage on your tower!

Also, if there’s a rather fast unit coming over at your tower and it’s by himself, you can easily counter it (Mini PEKKA, Hog Rider, Miner etc.), you also have to be quick and mind that there’s a deployment time.

Deploy your card in advance so it’s ready as soon as possible.

defending against fast cards

Otherwise, the troop might even leave the range and get through to your tower.

Pro Tip! The red exclemation mark on the head of troops show you which one will target them when you deploy them

Defenses & Tower Aggro

When you defend with defense cards, you have a nice card that will do a lot of defensive work for you.

Always mind that once a troop that will target a tower locked on to the tower, it won’t retarget just because you deploy a defense.reset targets with zap spell

You have two options:

  1. Deploy a card that will deal more damage to get the troop down faster
  2. Use a Zap that will reset all targets and make the troop target the defense first

Kiting & Pulling

Often times you’re in the situation that you see a strong troop facing to your side of the map and you need to stop it – I mean troops like a PEKKA, Prince, Giant Skeleton etc.

A very common way is to kite and lure the troop away from your tower while the tower damage hits on the troop as long as it takes until it is taken down.defending with pulling in clash royale

This allows you to prevent damage being dealt on your own tower and the investment is also kind of small compared to the other troop.

Attention! Never pull ranged troops or troops!

This works only great for slow and melee units and not for ranged ones. They can target your defensive card way faster and then go for your tower and you wasted some elixir on less than one second of additional defense.clash royale failed pull


Defending is, how I already wrote in the beginning of this article, the most valuable skill you need in Clash Royale! Check out how you perform and start defending consistently against your opponents regularly.

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