Defending In Clash Royale

If you’re not in the highest regions of the game you can win most battles by defending right, and that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this guide. Defending is the key to win most battles and the most useful skill you need to learn in the game to enjoy it.

Why Defending To Win?

Most people that start playing the game make the same mistake (I also did that in the very beginning). You spam your most awesome troops and just put your Cards on the battlefield as soon as you can play them. This results often in a big mess that you sometimes win and sometimes don’t.

The key to win if you’re lower than 2000 Trophies is easy – defend well and you will win.

Surprised? Well, it’s pretty easy:

  • If you defend, you can react while your opponent need to act. It’s always more easy to react than play yourself, because you see what your opponent plays and he doesn’t know what you have. Especially in the beginning this makes a battle hard
  • By reacting you can always take down his Cards for less Elixir than his card cost (Minion Horde and Arrows are a great example) so you will gain an Elixir Advantage
  • Your Tower will help you defend, so you don’t have to play Cards that are exactly as strong as the ones your opponent plays

In the end you will drain his Elixir and when he has nothing left you can turn your defense into offense and win the battle.

That’s why you always need a Deck that is balanced enough to defend:

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How To Defend in Clash Royale

When talking about defending I mean more than playing a Card with a static Defense, like the Hidden Tesla or the Inferno Tower. In general it’s any action you do to prevent that huge damage is dealt to your Crown Towers. I gathered the situations you will see and how you can deal with them the best way

No Action Required

In some cases there are some leftover or smaller troops coming over. Of course you could do something agianst them, but the damage they will deal is so small that you might rather think about pushing yourself on the other side.

A very classic situation is a single Goblin Hut on one side or some Minions flying over.

defending clash royale against hut

In this case I don’t take action because my Crown Tower will take care of it and decided to push myself with a Prince on the other side.

Countering Specific Cards

If there are single (mostly strong) Cards played, you can counter them quite easily. You only have to do the right thing.

If there’s a Prince you can counter it with Barbarians or a Skeleton Army
counter the prince

In this case you already gained an Elixir Advantage because you spent less than your opponent.

Larger groups are always well countered by a Fireball or Arrows. That’s always cheaper than what your opponent payed to deploy them.

fireball defense in clash royale to win more battles

There are so many different combinations, but I’m sure you know how all the Cards work:

  • Always counter strong single units with Cards that deploy multiple troops
  • Always counter splash damage troops with single, stronger units that have more hitpoints (Musketeer versus Valkyrie)

Deploy Your Cards Right

Simply playing Cards is only half the mile. Always play them on your side so your Crown Towers will help you defend. If your troops cross the middle of the map, it’s not defending – it’s pushing yourself.

defending against barbarians

In this case I deployed the Barbarians after waiting some seconds to make sure they will run into my Barbarians on my side, but not too deep so they get near my Crown Tower (but near enough that it will help me defend).

You also need to prevent your opponents Cards using their benefits at any cost. For example a Giant Skeleton or a Balloon coming next to your Crown Tower. You should always try to lure them away from there.

distracting troops to defend in clash royale

It’s not always about if your Cards can take the opponent Cards down, sometimes it’s enough to get them away from their target. In that case I knew that my Spear Goblins don’t stand a chance against the Baby Dragon and the other Goblins, but I needed to distract them so my Crown Tower can get the Baby Dragon down.

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