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November Balancing Changes Leak

clash royale balancing changes leak

The upcoming balancing changes have been leaked by Opegit Studio (you might remember, that where we got the replay of the upcoming new cards from). These changes will get live in the next 1-2 weeks, but not with the upcoming maintenance break tomorrow that will release the Elite Barbarians.

Balancing Changes December LEAK

Here are the changes:

  1. Bomber: Attack speed reduced to 1.8 (instead of 1.9)
  2. Baby Dragon: Attack speed reduced to 1.5 (instead of 1.6), the damage is reduced by 5%
  3. Skeletons: Count increased to 4 (from 3)
  4. Bomb Tower: Radius increased to 6.5 tiles
  5. Giant Skeleton: Dropped bomb will explode faster (decreased to 2 seconds)
  6. Balloon: Health increased by 5%
  7. Inferno Tower: Charge time increased to 1.6 seconds
  8. Poison: Damage increased by 15%
  9. Graveyard: Creation of skeletons increased by 30%, range reduced to 4 tiles
  10. Sparky: Attack speed reduced by 10%, health reduced by 5%
  11. Dark Prince: Shield Health increased by 30%

Here’s the source

Now even when they are not official, the source seems very legit to me and I think that’s what we will deal with in December.

However, there are some things in it that I didn’t expect at all. Especially the buff for the Graveyard and the nerf for the Inferno Tower are something I didn’t expect – actually, I expected the opposite. The Graveyard is a pain already that can easily cost you a tower when you don’t play very carefully and don’t know your opponent has it. The Inferno Tower could use a buff rather than a nerf in my opinion as it gets easily outplayed.

Other cahnges look pretty normal for me – we already know that Supercell simply buffs cards that are played less than average and nerf those that seem a little strong.

I personally am missing the Mega Minion on this list, since it adds a little too much value for the 3 Elixir – not complaining, I use it myself, but I expected that there would be a small nerf to it.

Update! The Balancing Changes will happen on November 30th!

Here are the confirmed balancing changes and obviously, this leak was not right.

The main part of this balancing is the nerf of the Mega Minion, that was more than just expected.

Mega Minion: Damage decreased by 6%, Hit Speed decreased to 1.4sec (from 1.3sec)

As one of the most used cards at the top and in challenges, Mega Minion is clearly in need of some attention. It offers a lot of value on defense and fits into almost any deck, so we’re looking to reduce its damage output and make it a less obvious choice.

Elixir Collector: Production Speed increased to 8.5sec (from 9.8sec), Lifetime decreased to 70sec (from 80sec)

Our last change took the Elixir Collector from a heavily overused card to a relatively underused one, so with this change we’re aiming for a middle ground! Increasing the Production Speed, but reducing the Lifetime, will give you a quicker return on your investment and make it a bit more rewarding to play – while still maintaining the risk aspect.

Poison: Damage increased by 10%

After removing the slow effect, Poison needs some more damage to compete with other spells – specifically Fireball – for a place in your deck.

Tombstone: Spawn Speed decreased to 2.9sec (from 2.5sec)

Tombstone is the most used building at the top, so we’d like to rein it in a little bit. Decreasing the Spawn Speed will result in a slower trickle of Skeletons and 2 less over its Lifetime.

Lava Hound: Lava Pup Hitpoints decreased by 1%

This is just to fix an inconsistent interaction with Crown Towers vs. Lava Pups at certain levels.


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