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December 2016 Clash Royale Update Ticker

Supercell just announced that the new Clash Royale December 2016 Update is just around the corner and we will see its release on December 15th.

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Check back here to see all the new things we will see in the Clash Royale Update.

Attention! In January there will be a new update with the Jungle Arena and new Cards as well:

Read It!
New Arena & Cards! Clash Royale January 2017 Update

Crown Challenge!

A new challenge will start on December 16th, but will also be available in Friendly Challenges tomorrow on December 15th.

The Crown Challenge will let you choose between 2 cards 4 times and give the other card to your opponent – and your opponent will do the challenge

This means that you will not only choose half of your deck, you will also mind what cards you will give to your opponent.

A lot of interesting battles will be the result, because you won’t know your own full deck when the battle starts (only the 4 cards you’ve chosen and the other ones that you have in your starting hand).

Clan Chests Incoming!

Clan Perks are coming to Clash Royale with a shared Clan Chest.

Every season all of your clan members will contribute crowns to the Crown Chest and make it level up (which means much higher amount of cards).

Every season lasts 14 days and you have 7 days for all clan members to fill the Crown Chest. This means the crowns you earn during a match will get added to your personal Crown Chest and also to your Clan Chest.

After the first 7 days, every clan member is able to open to Clan Chest and see the extremely high reward.

clan chest

You see that the reward is absolutely stunning and every single clan member is able to open it and get the reward! You only need to contribute one single crown and you’ll get the full reward. It also doesn’t matter what trophy range you have or how many clan members your clan has – the reward only depends on how many crowns in total your clan contributed.

There is also a cooldown and you won’t be able to get any Clan Chest or contribute any crowns to it when you joined the clan after the season started.

clan chest activity

This is not only an awesome way to get more cards and gold, but you can also see how many crowns each of your clan member contributed – a great way for clan leader to see how active the members are (and kick the inactive ones) – so far this could only be done by watching the donations which was quite a poor indication.

The first season will start on December 19th, so be prepared for your first Clan Chest!

Donating Epics & Lower Epics Costs

Another Sneak Peek revealed the new Epic Sunday, which will allow you to request and donate Epic Cards every Sunday from your clan mates.epic sunday clash royale

The number of cards you’re allowed to donate/request will be up to 4 cards in Legendary Arena!

In addition, Epic Cards will be cheaper in the shop and only cost 1,000 Gold each which makes it easier to upgrade them and use them properly.

Also, Epic Chest will offer up to 20 instead of 10 Epics (Legendary Arena) and still cost 10,000 Gold which makes it 500 Gold per card only.cheaper chests january 2017 update clash royale

This also seems to validate the recent leak I found here:

clash royale january 2017 update leak

We seem to head to a lot of new Challenges 🙂

December 2016 Update Clash Royale Balancing Changes

Elite Barbarians: Hitpoints +19%, Damage +14%, Hit Speed to 1.4sec (from 1.5sec)

  • We undershot their power at launch and want to do some pretty big changes to make them really elite! With these changes they’ll hit harder and faster, while being tougher to take down.

Tornado: Radius +10%, stronger pulling power

  • Tornado can create some really fun and interesting interactions, but it’s currently hard to use consistently. A bigger radius and increased pulling power opens up more opportunities for successful Tornado-ing!

Inferno Dragon: Hitpoints +5%, re-targets 0.4sec quicker

  • Inferno Dragon’s use rate is very low at the top, so we think there’s room for a few more Hitpoints – he’s wearing a mean-looking helmet after all! Quicker re-targeting will make him less vulnerable to distraction.

Balloon: Death Damage +105%, Death Damage explosion radius +50%

  • When your Balloon reaches the opponent’s tower it’s huge, but when it doesn’t it’s a bit of a flop. Increasing the Death Damage, so that it kills Goblins and even Archers, will allow the Balloon to have a more consistent impact in the Arena.

Wizard: Hit Speed to 1.4sec (from 1.6sec), initial attack comes 0.2sec slower

  • As a 5 Elixir card that can be killed by Lightning (in a relatively Lightning heavy meta), the Wizard needs some more power to be worth the risk.

Giant Skeleton: Damage +8%

  • Everyone’s favorite oversized skelly with a bomb is back! Hopefully. His use rates are on the lower end of the spectrum, and we’re still thinking about interesting ways to make him more appealing; but in the meantime, a small damage increase to help him punch his way through a pack of Goblins will be a nice addition.

Lumberjack: Hitpoints +6%

  • More Hitpoints will allow him to survive longer and give your supporting troops enough time to get in range of his Rage!

Bomber: Damage +4%

  • This change will allow the Bomber to one-shot Archers, which should make room for him in some decks.

Mortar: Boulder explosion radius +11%

  • The Mortar’s boulders will land with a bigger splash, damaging a larger area. We’re aiming to make Mortar gameplay more reliable, without increasing its power levels too much.

Mirror: Level 8 Mirror will create max level +1 cards (again)

These are, in my opinion, the balancing changes related to the most recent new card releases. The Clone Spell adds many new options into the game so the Balloon will be one of the most effective combination to use with the Clone Spell.

The Tornado will become one of the best things to counter the Clone Spell int he future, so this buff will help balancing the power of the Clone Spell.

The buff for the Elite Barbarians was just overdue since they didn’t offer enough effectivity for the high costs. With the buff, that is pretty big, I assume that Elite Barbarians will become one of the most used cards in the next week.


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