Dealing With Bad Opening Hands

I’m sure you know the situation when you start a new match in Clash Royale and suddenly see that the first four cards in your hand are not really what you want to have. Well, they are chosen randomly and sometimes you just have a bad opening hand so I’d like to focus in this post how you can deal with that.

What To Do With A Bad Opening Hand?

When we take a look at all different combinations of cards that could happen out there, we will see very fast that there’s no easy and simple solution. However, what I want to do is to share my concepts and you can apply them to your situation.

In general, when there is a bad opening hand there are not that many options you have:

  1. Cycle fast through your deck until you got the cards you want
  2. Wait for your opponent & play defensively

I want to show you now some insights on these situations and which one is better.bad opening hand clash royale

I think most players do the same and start cycling through their deck. This seems to offer two advantages:

  • I’m not running full of Elixir and give my opponent and Elixir advantage when he starts playing
  • I get the cards I want to push faster

Well, in general, there’s nothing wrong with playing down slow cards to prevent running full of Elixir.

This will keep you in the situation that you can wait for your opponents reaction, have some power on your side of the map and still, you don’t waste Elixir.

What you don’t want to do is playing cheap cards that are fast – Spear Goblins etc. Your opponent can easily counter them and get a read Elixir advantage.

Attention! The full Elixir Bar is only bad if your opponent is not idle and starts spending Elixir!

I think you see that blindly spamming cards is not helping at all.

Even if you can get the cards you want for your push, you will have to spend so much Elixir that your opponent can easily perform a push and you need your push cards to defend (poorly, most of the times at least).

And after that, you took tower damage and don’t have your pushing cards and no Elixir.

Read It!
Start The Battle - First Moves

You should also start waiting until you have 9 Elixir until you start releasing a card! If you start earlier, you might get a big problem if your opponent is a rush starter and suddenly performs a quick start that might cost you a tower!rush start clash royale


The best thing you can do with a bad starting hand is playing defensively. You can play slow (and cheap!) cards like an Ice Wizard, Mega Minion, Princess, etc. behind your Tower and watch what your opponent is doing.opening hand clash royale what to do

Always remember! Your opponent doesn’t know that you have a horrible starting hand and will watch closely until he starts doing something.

In return, you also don’t know what your opponent has on his hand and he might have the same problem as you.

Playing defensively also has the advantage that you will see most of the cards your opponent has and you can hide your whole pushing cards from him – he won’t be able to prepare, but you’ll be able to see what he has.

A tie is better than losing a match, right?

Bottom line, I rather risk getting a tie out of a match instead of risking to lose a match for the way lower chances to win.

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