Dart Goblin Strategy Guide & Decks

The Dart Goblin unlocks at the Jungle Arena and is a rare Card that costs 3 Elixir – many call it the Goblin X-Bow because of his fast shooting rate, making him a nice supportive unit for many different Decks. In this guide, I want to give you some advice what you should mind when using the Dart Goblin and how you can use him most effectively.

Dart Goblin Countering

The Dart Goblin himself doesn’t have high hitpoints or a lot of DPS to deal, but his fast shooting rate will be a thread to many different cards.

First of all, I’d like to show you what cards the Dart Goblin is wrecking and which ones will wreck him.

Before we come to this, have a look at the current stats of the Dart Goblin:

dart goblin stats clash royale

Looking at the stats, you can see that:

  • The Dart Goblin has an insane attack range (the same as the Royal Giant)
  • Extremely fast fire rate

You can compare him to the Princess when it comes to range and he can outrange many defenses which will give you a nice advantage and forces your opponent to react.

dart goblin range

Countering With The Dart Goblin

The Dart Goblin is a great way to defend your side of the map, especially in addition with your tower also dealing damage.

You can pull off a lot of positive Elixir trades by using him on your side of the map.

With his fast attacking speed, he’s able to land some hits before many other troops can target him, so his low health is not making him that weak after all.
dart goblin counter inforgraphic for clash royale

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The Dart Goblin is, as already mentioned, a perfect support for your Arena Towers!

He will help:

  • taking down groups like Minion Horder or Skeleton Army along with your Tower
  • deal damage to slow melee units and get them down enough, so your tower won’t suffer much damage
  • kill supportive units like Archers, Minions or even Fire Spirits easily from a distance because he outranges them before they can attack him.

Supporting Cards & Dart Goblin Decks

Almost all decks can use the Dart Goblin and you can easily substitute him for other ranged cards like Archers and Spear Goblins.

Also, it’s a nice card to use in a cycle deck, as the Hog cycle.

It’s cheap and supports these kinds of decks perfectly.

Here are some examples of decks with the Dart Goblin:

dart goblin hog cycle deck

Simply cycle through this deck and defend with your Cannon. The low average Elixir will force your opponent to defend against Hog Rider & Ice Golem pushes anyway after a short period, so defending won’t be that important.

dart goblin graveyard deck

This deck will let your opponent go crazy when you set the Ice Golem at the bridge and then drop your Graveyard.

The Fireball, Mega Minion and Tombstone are great for defending, but with the 7 Elixir for pushing you won’t need to defend a lot anyway.

Dart Goblin Deployment Tips

Now let’s have a look at the deployment. I always like to tell everyone that deployment is one of the key skills in Clash Royale and the time and place where you play a card can make such a huge difference!

Pushing Deployment

Don’t think the Dart Goblin is only strong in addition to tanks, if you get him to attack an unprotected tower, he will deal the same amount of damage as a Musketeer would. The fast shooting will deal a couple of hundred damage, so you can always play him on the other land to force your opponent to react.

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Double Lane Pushing

Defensive Deployment For The Dart Goblin

The strength of the Dart Goblin is definitely the defensive aspect, and there are some things you need to mind.

Always keep in mind that the low hitpoints can cause a fast death and you need to be careful where you deploy him!

There are only a few rules to obey, and then you will see that the range of the Dart Goblin makes him well-protected against most situations.

You shouldn’t deploy him behind your Tower, his movement speed will make him move in a position where he’s vulnerable to spells and splash damage.

dart goblin deployment tip

His range is high enough to place him in the center in front of your Kings Tower; he will outrange most units so he can target them while they won’t target him.

dart goblin placement

In case you want to go for a spawner you should always play him in the lane of the spawning units, so he will take them out and then go for the spawner itself.

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Defending Tip for Clash Royale


The Dart Goblin is a great card and will help you defend a lot when you know how to play him right. Mind the hints that I wrote above and you will see some nice results very fast.

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