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Clone Spell Release DEC 09th

The releaseSpell of the Clone  is just around the corner and this card will be available as an epic card tat Frozen Arena or higher. Let’s have a look at it.

Clone Spell Stats & Gameplay

The cloned card is always lower than the original card and always has only 1 hitpoint – this means even a Tornado will instant take them out – however, the cloned card has the same abilities (death damage, slowing down effect etc.) and also DPS like the original troop.

clone spell usage in clash royale

One important thing to mention is that the Clone Spell only clones on what it’s dropped on.

That means you can not deploy it and wait until your troops walk right through it (like in Clash of Clans). This would mean you could clone everything you deploy.

If there’s nothing where you drop your Clone Spell, then nothing will be cloned – easy as that 🙂

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I think this video shows it very clear what the deal is:


I know I often see things a little darker than they actually are – but I really have the feeling that the Clone Spell is something that’s too hard to balance – it simply duplicates everything and can turn a whole match upside down. Fun to watch, but playing this will be hard.

In the end, we will see what happens and it will also take some time until a new epic Card from the second highest Arena will become something we see commonly – I hope until then we will see what the real deal with this new spell is 🙂


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