Clash Royale Simulator – What You Should Know

There are several people out there recommending to use Clash Royale Simulators, so I thought it might be helpful for you when I check them out for you and tell you everything you should know about them.

Clash Royale Simulators – What They Do?

First of all, when you hear about simulators, you might think that they will simulate battles or anything – which would be so heavy against Supercell TOS (terms of service) that you would lose your account instantly!

Good news, the simulators out there are nothing like that, so it’s not risky to use them!

All they do is let you choose a chest and then they will show you what this chest could contain – it’s like opening hundreds of chests in a row without waiting or paying gems to skip the time.

So bottom line it’s for those of you who want to get the “kick” from opening some chests instantly, they won’t really add Gold or Cards to your real Clash Royale account at all!

clash royale simulator app review - how it works

I write that because many people wrote me that the Clash Royale simulators didn’t give them anything – which is completely alright, since they are just for fun!

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Do Clash Royale Simulators Work?

Are Clash Royale Simulators working? I think to answer this question we need to define the term “working”, especially what you expect them to do.

They are working if you want:

  • The have a fun simulation of opening chests for free

They are not:

  • Giving you any Cards or Gold for your real Clash Royale account!
  • They are not showing WHAT your next Cards would be when you open such a chest in your Clash Royale account – it’s just a simulation what you COULD GET (Not WHAT you WILL get!)

With that being said, I can just tell you that you won’t risk anything by using them but you will also not gain anything from using them (neither Cards/Gold nor the knowledge what you will get next)

If you really want to know what is coming up next in your chest slots, I can only recommend you this article about chest tracking and chest cycle:

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And also this one that will show you some insights on how cards are going to drop:

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If you want to try them out, here are two that are looking quite good:

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Bottom line, for me personally there is no use in using these Clash Royale simulator apps (or online tools), since I do net get anything from using it (no cards, no gold or not even the knowledge what the next chest will give me) – but it’s a fun thing to use and there won’t be any risk at using them for you 🙂

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