Clash Royale New Card LEAKS

rascals leak in clash royale

From time to time we have the ability to get our hands on leaked game material that reveal brand-new cards that will come to the game in the future.

Here you will discover all most current Card Leaks for Clash Royale so you’re constantly up to date with exactly what’s coming next prior to everybody else!

Rascals and Lava Golem Cards Leak (April 25th, 2018)

With the release of the April 2018 update to Clash Royale, 2 brand-new cards have actually been leaked from the game files. These 2 brand-new cards, rascals and the lava golem were included into the game throughout the upgrade, however aren’t live in Clash Royale yet. Here’s everything we know about the brand-new rascals and lava golem cards that were leaked in Clash Royale!

rascals leak in clash royale

The first brand-new card that was leaked was the rascals card, which appears to be the card Clash Royale has actually been hinting at in-game and in the release notes when it states ” watch your step when walking in the woods near Royal Arena …”and ” do not chew Double Trouble Gum while running! Unless you have actually had years of didgeridoo lessons.”

The photo leaked of the rascals card consists of one of the rascals blowing a bubble with “DoubleTrouble Gum”, so it is presumed that this is the card referenced.

This photo seems the type of tweet Clash Royale would send revealing that the rascals are coming to the game. Here’s the real in-game files of the rascals.

It appears that there will be 3 various troops to the rascals card, more than likely a tank system, as seen by the huge fella, then 2 smaller sized varied units by the girls that are a cross in between the bandit and archer. This implies the card will most likely be 5 Elixir and I want to wager, either an unusual or a common card.

rascals and lava golem leak in clash royale april 2018 update

Also, since we can think that this is the card meant by Clash Royale, that implies that the rascals will be coming out in May for Royal Arena and up. Let’s have a look at the other card leaked in Clash Royale, the lava golem!

While hints of the lava golem aren’t out rather yet and Clash Royale just revealed that one card featured the April upgrade, it is still quite most likely that we will be seeing the lava golem launched at some point in the coming months.

Obviously, this card is going to be a good mix in between the golem and the lava hound, looking mainly like a lava puppy that the lava hound generates. Like the rascals, I believe it is most likely that the lava golem will be a common or rare card. It ought to be more affordable than the rascals depending upon the number of lava golems you get. If its just one lava golem per card, expect a brand-new 1 Elixir card!

That going to cover it up for this short card leakage article coming from the April upgrade. I’ll make certain to keep you guys updated on more update news, also anymore leakages that originate from the brand-new cards.

MonkeyCard Leak (April 12th, 2018)

A brand-new card for the April update in Clash Royale has actually been leaked! This brand-new card is the monkey card, which Clash Royale has actually made lots of referrals to throughout the April upgrade buzz period. Here’s whatever we understand about the brand-new monkey card in Clash Royale!

monkey card leak clash royale

To be totally sincere, the concept of a monkey card in Clash Royale appears totally outrageous. However, Clash Royale has actually published the monkey emoji a number of times in the last couple of weeks! The very first circumstances came as a competition password hosted by the Clash Royale group.

This a clear hint to a possible monkey card appearing in ClashRoyale. A bit later on, the official Clash Royale account sent a monkey emoji in the Clash Royale discord chat!

There have been all these hints throughout the weeks with this monkey, however is it an actual card pertaining to Clash Royale or are the devs simply trolling us? Well, this dripped image was discovered a bit back, which looks quite official.

BarbarianBarrel Leak (March 15th, 2018)

Earlier today, March 15 th, 2018, the “brand-new card offered quickly” box appeared under the card tab in ClashRoyale This was implemented throughout the upkeep break that Clash Royale had earlier today.

barbarian barrel leak in clash royale

Well, some people dug around and discovered leaked video footage of the Barbarian Barrel as the brand-new card.

  • At the very essentials, it resembles a goblin barrel that generates barbarians
  • Seems to have a log-like system which hits units as it speeds to its target
  • Does effect damage, which appears to be quite high
  • MovementSpeed: N/A
  • Rarity: Rare
  • ElixirCost: 4 elixir

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