Clash Royale Hacks & Life Hacks Review

So you’ve just searched for hacks in Clash Royale, right?

Ultimately you want to find things that will help you progress faster and when I did look around myself some time ago, I did only find two kinds of sites out there that offer cheats, hacks or glitches for Clash Royale – one kind do offer primarily fake info and the others offer not more than very shallow and obvious game tips that are only helpful if you played the game not more than a few minutes or hours.

This is extremely unsatisfying in my opinion so I decided to create a page where I will actually gather the helpful life hacks that will help you in Clash Royale.

I have reviewed all the hacks, cheats and bots out there myself to give you one page that will show you all of them. This review has 2 parts – one where you will find life hacks that use the game mechanics and that you can use without any risk and then the ones that rely on 3rd party tools that you should use with extreme caution.

Life Hacks in Clash Royale – Make Sure To Use Them

With that being clarified, we can start.

Life Hack #1 – Get New Cards At Day 1

Clash Royale releases new cards pretty frequently and especially the legendary cards are the cards that most of us are really looking forward to, right? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

new card release clash royaleOften the release of a new card is paired with a special challenge that let you win the card if you can pull the 12 victories (by the way, here’s a guide that will help you do that) – but that’s nothing everyone can do and there’s a small trick that will help you get it directly in the shop.

Your shop will reset at the beginning of every day and give you new cards you can get there. You always see when a new card is being released at the bottom of your card overview and you need to make sure that you do NOT log in the day before the release – this will make sure that the shop resets and you can get the new card without needing to spend a lot of gems and time on challenges.

Life Hack #2 – More Legendary Cards

I have found the weirdest glitches promising you more legendary cards. Open chests in a certain order or at a certain time and much more funny things.

They all don’t work.

Simply follow my guide here that will show you which chests and what tactic will promise you the best chances to get more legendary card in Clash Royale

Life Hack #3 – Spell Duration

When you see a spell on the battlefield, you can always see how long it will stay there as the duration is visualized by the rings on the outside of the spell that moves.

spell duration life hack

Once the indication have made one full cycle, like on a clock, the spell is done. This can be very helful when you wait yourself for a great moment to deploy troops as soon as a spell is gone.

This works for Rage, Freeze, Poison and all other spells ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Cheats & Hacks in Clash Royale – Caution

One word of caution first, these here are against all kinds of fair play and using 3rd party tools that are not allowed in Brawl Stars. For educational uses only.

Hack #1 – Gem Generators

I think the most found hack out there are the generators. They look different but all pretty professional and ask you for your player name along with the mount of Gems and Gold you want. Once you did that the generator will connect to your Clash Royale account and transfer them.

clash royale gem hack

In the last step you need to do a survey or enter your email to show that you’re not a bot but a real human. I personally wasn’t actually able to get it working but maybe that was just my fault and I didn’t spend too much time bothering with it ๐Ÿ˜‚

Hack #2 – Auto Fighting Bot

This hack does exactly what it says, it will do matches for you and fight them totally on its own. The problem is, it simply cycles through your cards in a very static way making it easy to beat. Using some decks can work because your opponent will be busy defending, but the bot can’t really react when there’s a fast other lane push and simply does spam some cards.

After all, you will drop in trophies and I also would say I don’t see that bot working at all higher than Arena 6. I wouldn’t recommend using it after having tried it for some time – you will see yourself losing 10 matches before winning 1 (and that victory is most of the times a disconnected opponent)… you can see my battle log, or better said the bots battle log ๐Ÿ˜‚

fighting bot in clash royale

Hack #3 – Chest Opener

This bot can make sense because it will wait until you have one chest unlocked and then directly start unlocking the next chest. This hack can be handy because you can play a session to fill all chest slots and then let the bot do the unlocking and come back the next day to open the chests and repeat.

chest open bot in clash royale

The only negative thing about it… you need to run it on a secondary device and this device needs to be running all the time to work. For me, it’s a lot easier to just set myself an alarm when a chest will be done and then log in for 3 seconds and start unlocking the next one – then saving the Gold+ Chests for the night where I sleep ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Hack #4 – Auto Request

This bot also has another nice feature that will auto request cards and donate cards to your clan while you’re not online, making sure that you always get as many cards as possible and give away the cards you would give away anyways (you can tell it what cards to donate and which cards to request).

Anyway, with the daily donation and requesting limit, I always do that when logging in to open a new chest and I’m pretty successful still hitting that cap without having to run a bot on a secondary device 24/7.

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