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New Arena & Cards! Clash Royale January 2017 Update

new arena clash royale december 2016

Supercell just announced that the new Clash Royale January 2017 Update is just around the corner and we will see its release on January 13th.

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Check back here to see all the new things we will see in the Clash Royale Update

Attention! There will also be a big December Update – here’s what we will get:

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December 2016 Clash Royale Update Ticker

New Cards Coming January 13th

With the new Arena 9 (Jungle Arena) being announced yesterday, it was only a matter of time until new cards would come to the game. Supercell did just announce 4 new cards being released along with the January 2017 Update on January 13th with the Jungle Arena:new cards jungle arena

Of course, I can also show you some more than just their icon pictures. These new cards will be called Dart Goblin, Executioner, Goblin Gang and Battle Ram:

  • The Goblin Gang is 3 regular Goblins and 3 Spear Goblins but for 3 Elixir a nice DPS blast!
  • The Executioner throws his axe and hits targets with splash damage twice (one time on the way forth and then again on the way back. He will work great against groups with average hitpoints
  • The Dart Goblin is like the X-Bow but moving and with a less range, but shots very fast and is moving very fast
  • The Battle Ram is charging like a Prince, but spawns 2 Barbarians after hitting the first time

Here are the (currently not final) stats of these new cards:jungle arena cards update january 2017 stats

And here you can see them in action

New Arena Coming January 13th


This new Arena will be settled between Frozen Peek and Legendary Arena and become the new Arena 9 (from 2600-2999 Trophies).

It’s also very likely that there will be some new Cards (probably something Goblin related).

clash royale jungle arena

Here’s how it will look in the game

jungle arena clash royale december update

Now the bad news is, this new Arena won’t be released tomorrow when the balancing changes will be released – the official release date for the Jungle Arena is January 13th.


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