There are several, if not tons, of websites that offer Clash Royale Hacks. This is a huge field and I tested the most popular to show you how they work and how you can use them.

Clash Royale Hack Tools (No Survey) Review

Clash Royale is a server based online game for mobile devices. Gold, Card, Chests and Gems boost your gaming progress, so it’s just a logic step to look online if there is a possibility to get them faster. Many websites offer you an online tool that will add Gold, Elixir or Gems to your account. They all look pretty much like that:clash royale hack no survey

They offer you the resources and Gems by simply choosing your platform and entering your username.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s see what happens if you enter your details:clash of clans gem hack no survey scam


Looks like this tool is connecting to your account and after a little while you’ll see this popup:clash royale working hack no survey


Only take some surveys or sign up somewhere and they’ll pass you the Gold and Gems, they say.

Of course they won’t! It’s a scam, and they only want you to take some surveys they get money for!

Don’t believe these tools, they all lie to you!

Please let me explain to you why this doesn’t work, isn’t possible to work and what other alternative ways really work.

The Clash Royale Hack No Survey Scam

Why is this a scam? Well, in general if something looks too good to be true, it actually is. Supercell, the creator of the game Clash Royale, sells Gems and Resources and earn their money with this. All balances, your decks, cards and everything else within it is saved on the servers of Supercell.

Nobody else can connect to it and just load some extra resources on it. It’s just some simulated entry fields that should make you believe it’s “connecting”, but the only purpose of this websites is getting as many people as possible make the surveys, downloads or signups so the owner of the website earns money.

Let me show you some better ways to get free Gems and earn resources faster.

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Real Working Free Gems Tools (100% Legal and Compliant)

There are indeed working and legal solutions to get Gems without spending real money. These Tools are called “Free Gem Service Provider” and they will reward you with official gift codes for Android or iOS, so you can redeem and buy Gems on the official and legal way.

All you have to do is downloading free Apps from the AppStore or Play Store. Here are some that really work:

Read It!
How to get Clash Royale Gems In All Countries

Go there and check them out. They work, and I made about 500 USD worth in Gems there, without taking surveys or paying any real money.


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  1. Hey, I agree with you. It is not right what they are saying. At least some helpful guides can teach you how to get gems or coins easily.

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