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free gems for clash royale with cashforapps

I admit I’ve presented some free Gem Services here so you might think – “Oh, not another free Gems provider”. I know you might think that every one of them is claiming to be the best and fastest way to earn level free Gems and I actually didn’t want to present more free Gem provider here, but in this case I really hade to make an exception because it works very good and also fast.

My reasons to try CashForApps

Ok I promised you some reasons, I will give you the reasons why you should at least TRY it out:

  • They offer 5 USD gift cards and they get earned really fast with only 10 Apps to download
  • They have (not only claim, they have) the fastest way to earn free Gems (see below)

This is a chart that compares how many apps you have to download in average to get your 10 USD giftcard:

Get CashForApps Here & Get 200 Extra Points (Worth 120 Gems!) After Your first App Download!


200 Extra Points with our invite code
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Get Extra Points

cashforapps for free gemsSimply download CashForApps and try it out yourself, enter your mail address (where you want to get the gift card sent to) and then you can download some free apps. Simply use my invite code (allclash) here to get 200 extra points. I’ll promise you will use this as your primary service in the future so giving CashForApps a try is something I recommend you if you’re in need of free Gems.


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