Card Deployment Timing & Place

In Clash Royale you can do good and bad moves. Obviously, you want to do the good ones. The main part of a good move is picking the right Card to play in a certain situation, but that’s not all. Also, where and when you play this Card can make a good choice a bad one so I want to show some examples how you can play your Cards more efficiently.

I will show you some defensive situations that can go horribly wrong by just placing Cards in the wrong place or at the wrong time.

Card Timing

Let’s start off with the easiest situation – a 1-on-1 situation where you want to defend against the same Card. Let’s pick the famous Minion Horde, because I see these Cards being countered with another Minion Horde a lot.

If you see the Minion Horde coming straight to your side and you play a Minion Horde yourself, you need to play it smart. This Card has a deploy time of 1 second and when you deploy them too close on the attacking Minions, you will see your minions getting crushed.

deployment timing minion horde

This happens in the times when you place them, but they still have their deployment time going on – that can lead to 1 second where the attacking Minion Horde can deal damage to your Minion Horde. In most cases this ends up with most your Minions dead while your opponent barely loses any.

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You can also see the same scenario when you place Barbarians within a pack of attacking Barbarians.

(pic Barbarians versus Barbarians)

The list goes on and on and this is one of the biggest mistakes I see people doing! Never place them in the direct attacking range!

Against A Stronger Card

Sometimes you need attacking troops to lock on a target first. A good example is the Baby Dragon, a Card going down from a Minion Horde very fast – unless you place the Minion Horde directly in front of the Baby Dragon. In this case the Baby Dragon will just take them down without being even harmed.

If you wait until the Dragon locked into anything else, you can deploy them behind him and it will go down very fast

baby dragon locked in and spear goblins kill it fast

This also applies to a Wizard versus Barbarians etc.

In general, you can counter splash damage dealers with multiple troop Cards, but then you have to deploy them at the right time.

Card Placement

Never defend near the bridge to the other side! That rule is golden and should be one of your first rules.

If you defend that far away from your Tower you give up two very important things:

  • Additional DPS from your Tower(s)
  • The ability to lure your opponents’ troops
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The first one should be obvious, but still gets ignored a lot – I see many battles being fought at the bridge for minutes. You need your Tower DPS, which will save you a lot of Elixir and gives you much more strenth compared to your opponent. Otherwise, you won’t be able to build an Elixir Advantage and counter.

Here’s a great example how powerful defending on the own side is – Minions Level 8 against Minions Level 7 with Tower support:

defending on own side with minions in clash royae

Even with lower level they destroy them and have 2 Minions left:

Minions card deployment timing in clash royale



You can see just how important card placement is and this is something a lot of people know. Card timing, however, is something that is easy to forget in the heat of battle but, if you remember these tips, shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison

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