Best Three Musketeer Decks

best three musketeer decks in clash royale

Three Musketeers are probably the strongest card in Clash Royale, but also the most expensive one. The high costs of 9 Elixir scare off a lot of people to use it, but in fact, it’s so strong that you can dominate any opponent with it. I want to explain you how Three Musketeer decks are played and also give you some nice examples of working Three Musketeer decks.

How 3 Musketeer Decks Work

3 Musketeers will give you plenty of options how you play them and you won’t need to use the Elixir Collect necessarily.

The 3 Musketeers are great options to:

  • defend against high hitpoint pushes
  • split push and force your opponent to play on both lanes
  • hard push that could get you the 3 Crown victory

Your battle plan is always the same – you will build up an Elixir advantage and then deploy your Three Musketeers.

I always (or at least in 95% of all cases) split them up in front of my Kings Tower, so 2 of them will go to one lane and the other one is taking the other lane.split three musketeers

This brings your opponent into a hard time because he has to defend on both lanes and often decides to defend on the lane where the two of them attack plus if they have a Lightning Spell they are less likely to use it when there are no other buildings around because it feels like a waste (which is not, it’s still a neutral elixir trade when they strike 2 Musketeers.

Now you can support the other one with a tanking troop and get half a Crown Tower down easily.

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Double Lane Pushing

This is the push you will play over and over again:

  • Build Elixir advantage
  • Split the Three Musketeers in front of your Kings Tower
  • support one of the lanes, depending how your opponent defends

This works so great because your opponent will be forced to defend constantly. While he is defending one of your pushes, he will spend all of his Elixir while you build up and can play the same push again.

Sooner or later this will force him to make a mistake and get you the victory

Caution! Don’t open push with 3 Musketeers on one lane – this makes it easy to defend and with 9 Elixir invested always a positive Elixir trade for your opponent!

If you run into someone with a Lightning Spell or Fireball, he can take your 3 Musketeers down with a big elixir advantage.

Splitting your Musketeers is protecting them, preventing positive elixir trades for your opponent and pushing both lanes.

That’s why you do it.

Now let’s have a look at some decks for the 3 Musketeers.

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Splitting Musketeers

Splitting Musketeers is important to protect them – you invested 9 Elixir and don’t want to give your opponent the possibility to counter them easily with a positive Elixir trade.

If your opponent has some kind of spells he can easily counter them if they are together, so you split them and push on two lanes at the same time.splitting 3 musketeers

To split them up, you need to deploy them on certain fields.

If you deploy them on (1), two will go to the left and one will go to the right. If you deploy on the fields in lane (2) you will send two of them on the right and one on the left.

PS: This works also with all other cards that have multiple units like Archers, Barbarians, Minion Horder etc.

Great Decks with 3 Musketeers

I have searched some decks that don’t necessarily use Legendary Cards. Don’t be afraid of the high average Elixir costs, you will have the Elixir Collector that makes it easy to play decks with more than 4.0 average Elixir.

Attention! Since the last update, the Elixir Collector gathers Elixir way faster (every 8.5 instead of 9.9 seconds) and also pauses if your Elixir Bar is filled instead of just wasting the extra Elixir. This makes much stronger pushes possible.

The Three Musketeer & Barbarian Hut Deck

The first deck I want to show you features the 3 Musketeers and the Barbarian Hut. The Barbarian Hut will keep your opponent busy spending his Elixir while you can build up your Elixir Collectors and then start pushing strong.3 musketeers and barbarian hut deck for clash royale

I have 2 variations here – one with Arrows and one with The Log. The Log is a little bit better (because of the pushback and the lower costs), but if you don’t have it you can easily use Arrows instead.

This is actually the deck that got me great results in Challenges lately and it’s a lot of fun to play.

One of the advantages of this battle deck is that you will have a good starting hand in most cases – you want to start with either the Elixir Collector or the Barbarian Hut.

You want to get the Barbarian Hut down as fast as possible in front of your Kings Tower! This will defend also against opponents that will rush push from the start with a Hog Rider as well.barbarian hut deployment

Now you start building up your Elixir Collectors and try to have 2 of them active.

When this is done you can start playing the Three Musketeers push like explained above. Split them in front of your Barbarian Hut and make the single one of them go to the same direction of your Barbarians.

Always try to send in an Ice Golem or an Ice Spirit for support. They will freeze your opponents units fast and cheap.

There’s not much your opponent can do to counter and he will either spend all his Elixir to defend or lose very fast.

You’d be surprised how strong this deck is.

The only nemesis you can see is the combination of a bad starting hand and an ultra aggressive opponent – this might prevent building up your Elixir Collectors and you need to defend properly.

Don’t push with the 3 Musketeers when you have no Elixir Collector active! This will not end well for you!

Three Musketeer & Miner Deck Bait Deck

This is a deck featuring some legendary cards, so if you don’t have the Miner you can use the first or third deck featured here because you can’t substitute it – the Princess can be switched with Archer, but still has much more value due to her splash damage and extreme range.miner and three musketeer deck

In all cases, you have the problem that your 3 Musketeers can get wrecked by spells easily, so this bait deck is featuring multiple possibilities to bait out these spells and then pump in the 3 Musketeers in the end.

In fact, you won’t show them early in the game, otherwise your opponent is prepared.

This is a bait deck, so you will have to define the pace od the match and prevent your opponent to build up Elixir and make a big push.

In the first 60-90 seconds of the match, you will just get your Goblin Barrel and Miner in to make your opponent defend constantly.

Always have an active Princess on your side of the map and defend against smaller pushes with the Skeleton Army, Minions and Ice  Golem.

pushing with a bait deck

You really need to keep your opponent under fire and cycle fast through the Goblin Barrel and the Miner – your opponent will take care and won’t be able to build up a big push.

When you get an Ice Golem through (or a Skeleton Army), you can deploy your 3 Musketeers and get the full blown power against a Crown Tower.

Be patient and watch the cycle of your opponents spells carefully! Fireball and Lightning Spell are important so make sure to bait them out before you deploy your Musketeers.

3 Musketeers & Hog Rider Deck

If you don’t like the kind of slow deck and rather play faster pushes, here’s a deck that will allow you to rush against your opponent. This deck also features no legendary cards but still works great.three musketeers hog rider deckYou might wonder where the Elixir Collector is, but this deck works without the Elixir Collector with the other cheap cards.

You will defend with the Tombstone (working great against Hog Rider or Royal Giants and keep them from taking a single shot at your Crown Tower for very low Elixir) and wait until you have enough Elixir to split your Three Musketeers.

When you have your 3 Musketeers split you will see how your opponent reacts – then you can support the less defended side with either an Ice Golem or the Hog Rider.3 musketeer pushing clash royale

The advantage is that your Hog Rider will tank for the Musketeer and cause serious damage on a Crown Tower – most likely you will make the Hog Rider join the single Musketeer.


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