Best Sparky Decks

Sparky is one of the most controversion cards in Clash Royale, claimed to be too strong but still underused. To be honest with you guys, most of the times I see a player with a lower level in a higher Arena I expect to see Sparky, so there must be something very strong about this card. I want to explain to you how Sparky Decks are played and also give you some nice examples of working Sparky Decks.

How Sparky Decks Work

Playing Sparky will put your opponent in a tough position since two single shots of it can take down an entire tower. The damage dealt is splash damage, so it’s not that easy to defend against it.

Unfortunately, it’s very slow and it’s sometimes not easy to get it through to the enemy tower – but with the right strategy, I can promise you that it will work extremely effective.sparky attacking strategy

The thing is that Sparky is charging for a long time, but Sparky can also do that while moving and is ready to shoot right away when something enters the range of Sparky.

This makes it very hard to defend because Sparky’s splash damage can take down troops like Barbarians instantly.

But you probably know that Sparky is going down very fast without a tanking troop in front of it.

Don’t reveal Spark too soon! The big advantage is when your opponent doesn’t know that you have Sparky. Deploy your tanking card always first and Sparky not directly in front of the bridge

Sparky on defense

You can not only push with Sparky, but you can also destroy a strong push against your tower with it by deploying it behind your Tower.

No matter what your opponent build up, he might see a whole army getting crushed so always keep that in mind.

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Great Decks with Sparky

There are several ways how you can combine Sparky within your deck.

Sparky & Giant Deck

A classical deck version without any additional Legendary Cards needed.

sparky giant deck for clash royale

You play the deck always with the Giant and then the Sparky down and support this combination depending on how your opponent defends either with the Zap or the Fireball.

The Inferno Tower will serve you well for defending your tower.

sparky and giant gameplay

Sparky & X-Bow Deck

This is a very fun deck to play and uses quite an exciting approach by combining Sparky with an X-Bow.

sparky and xbow deck

If you have The Log, you can switch it in instead of the Fire Spirits. The Fire Spirits deal so much damage when you get them through, but the Log is a lot more reliable.

This deck will make your opponent go mad because you just combine the X-Bow with Sparky – your opponent will have to choose between the X-Bow targeting his tower right now and the Sparky that will deal so much damage if not countered fast.

sparky and xbow attack in clash royale

It’s pretty nice to have this deck with 3.8 average Elixir, so you can use the Elixir Collector if you have the opportunity or play it without it, depending on the situation your opponent gets you in.

Sparky & Tornado Deck

In case you like a deck with a lower average Elixir count than the first deck featured here – I personally like being flexible more than having stronger cards, but that’s all just a matter of personal preferences.

sparky and tornado deck

This deck uses the Tornado instead of a static defense to drag back troops and use Minions to take them down – this works great against Hog Rider and other similar decks.

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