Best Miner Decks & Strategies

The Miner is one of the most popular legendary cards in Clash Royale, mainly because you can use him in many situations and he’s a pain for your opponent in all of them. I want to explain to you how Miner Decks are played and also give you some nice examples of working Miner Decks.

How Miner Decks Work

The Miner is both, the star of your deck but also the backup. The fact that you can place him everywhere on the map, you can go for towers, Elixir Collector, defenses or even cards like the Witch or the Princess.

At Level 1, he has about 1,000 hitpoints, so he will always be able to land one or two hits even if your opponent reacts quickly.

No card in the game can prevent that the Miner will take away some hitpoints from a tower (despite Lightning Spell, Rocket, etc. but they cost double the Elixir of the Miner).

There’s no way to shut him down completely.

miner gameplay strategy guide

But you can also use the Miner for tanking! He can soak up damage while other units can deal quick damage to the tower as well.

That’s a lot of options you get for only 3 Elixir:

  1. Support your counters with fast extra damage
  2. Snipe down Witches or Princess surgically
  3. Open up the game by deploying him on the unprotected lane (force your opponent to react)

Bottom line he is a real pain for opponents and I also hate playing against a Miner deck because I always have to hold back some defensive stuff in case the Miner comes in.

Miner Gameplay & Deployment

Now let’s take a look at the position where you should deploy your Miner. Your opponent can only assume where you will place it or guess it from the path he takes – but that doesn’t mean that you can deploy him anywhere.

Never place him on the inside side of an Arena Tower. Otherwise the other Arena Tower can also target him, and he will die twice as fast:miner deployment guide

You shouldn’t place him in front of the Arena Tower neither for two reasons:

  • splash damage will also hit your supportive troops you send in after him
  • defending is easier because these units don’t have to walk to the next troop that is coming at the enemy Arena Tower

miner deployment in front of arena tower

This means you should either place him on the outside or behind the Arena Tower!

Miner Against Elixir Collector

Using your Miner against the Elixir Collector is always a positive Elixir trade for you! Once your opponent knows you have the Miner, he can’t play the Elixir Collector anymore.

He will either make negative Elixir trades, or he won’t get his big Elixir supply to build a strong push.

But be careful where you place the Miner as well! If you deploy him between the Elixir Collector and the Kings Tower, the Miner will go for the King Tower after the Elixir Collector is finished and this will activate the Kings Tower and make your pushes a lot harder!

miner countering elixir collector

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Great Decks with the Miner

There are several ways how you can combine the Miner within your deck.

Miner & Lava Hound Deck

This is one of the most popular Miner decks, and it works extremely well.

lava hound and miner deck for clash royale

You will always go with your Lava Hound for the Arena Tower, and then you can set your Miner in. The Miner will deal damage while all defending forces focus on the Lava Hound.

As soon as the Lava Hound pops, all defenses will target the Miner, and the Lava Pups can deal insane damage to the Arena Tower.

The Lightning Spell is great against Inferno Towers, but you can play around and substitute the Log and the Lightning Spell as well for other cards.

Miner F2P Deck With Elite Barbarians

The first deck uses quite some legendaries, so if you’re looking for a deck without other legendary cards, you should use this deck with the Elite Barbarians.

Miner and elite barbarians deck

This is a classical control deck.

You will always play your Cannon down in the middle when you see something like Golem, Giant, Royal Giant coming up.

Always place it one tile on the other lane than the Giants, Golem to make them go even further:cannon placement

On the offensive side, you will make him go out of the rotation of cards that counters your Elite Barbarians well and then sending them for the Arena Tower.

You Miner can either support them when they reach the Arena Tower or against Elixir Collectors.


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